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Transport Infrastructure Design

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This assignment addresses the following module outcomes
MO1 Apply design principles and standards to transport infrastructure geometric design problems
MO2 Apply design principles and standards to transport infrastructure construction problems
MO3 Generate a number of design options to solve an open ended problem
MO4 Synthesise specifications, standards and site conditions to develop final detailed solutions.

Metrobus South-west facing on and off slip-roads on the M32 at Stoke Lane, Bristol
Metrobus (for more information click here) has been constructed in Bristol. The plan of the routes shown hereindicates the routes for Metrobus. Metrobuses on the proposed North Fringe to Hengrove route need to interchange between the M32 (South) and Stoke Lane (North). 
Some people suggestedduring the planning stages that the bridge and slip road arrangement constructed for Metrobus to leave the M32 were unnecessarily costly because of the requirement for the additional bridge. Thisrecently constructed bridge lies North of the current Stoke Lane bridge and its plans are shown in the file ‘Metrobus proposals at Stoke Lane.pdf’ on Blackboard.
Your task is to develop an alternative design which provides South Facing slip-roads just for Metrobus onto and off the M32 from Stoke Lane. This would have cost considerably less, and also would have allowed for shorter journey times between the M32 and Stoke Lane.

You will need to submit the following, which will form appendices to your design report:

  • Appendix D1.1: A design statement up to a single side of A4 that a) Describes the problem; b) summarises the principles adopted to solve the problem; c) notes particular challenges and issues; and d) summarises the final design and remaining deficiencies in the design.
  • Appendix D1.2: A tabulation of the assumptions you have adopted for the design and calculations you have made based on these (Annex 1 to this brief provides a tabulation of design parameters that you will need to make assumptions about for the design).
  • Appendix D1.3: A plan layout at an appropriate scale which shows the general arrangement of the proposed south facing slip-roads (an off-slip on the North West side of the motorway and an on-slip on the south west side of the motorway between Stoke Lane and the M32).
  • Appendix D1.4: A fully-dimensioned cross-section at a particular chainage chosen by you on one of the slip roads (either the on-slip or the off slip) drawn to an appropriate scale showing the actual batter slope lengths both sides of the construction that connect to existing ground level (NB This should *NOT* be a generic cross section). Assume the batter slopes are at 1:2.
  • Appendix D1.5: A statement on a single side of A4 concerning ways in which the design will safely ensure that only Metrobus will use the slip-road. You will need to address the issue of how general traffic vehicles which mistakenly enter the slip-road(s) are to be dealt with. You may wish to consider Intelligent Transport System applications in this regard.
  • Appendix D1.6: Designed depths for highway pavement for the slip roads. Assume that the bus frequency is every ten minutes for 18 hours per day. Calculations to be prepared on the calculation paper provided.

Assessment Criteria
The work that you undertake will be assessed according to:
1. The clarity of your design statements (Appendices D1.1)
2. The appropriateness of tabulation of assumptions you make for the design (Appendices D1.2)
3. The appropriateness of the design as expressed in the layout plan and cross-section (Appendices D1.3 and D1.4)
4. The quality of the thinking in relation to preventing non-bus use of the slip roads (Appendix D1.5)
5. Appropriateness of the highway pavement design (Appendix D1.6)
6. The quality of reflection in the main report on the design guidance and the depth of understanding you demonstrate in use of design guidance
7. Compliance with requirement for a single WORD file submission.

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