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Assignment Task


Module Overview
This module provides the opportunity for work-based learning, by means of placements with agencies suitable for Law students. The general aim of the module is to help to prepare students for future work-based contexts, particularly those which include the delivery of advice services. Students will identify and arrange their own placements, but all students will have the opportunity to apply for a placement with the North and Mid-Wales Law Clinic. If the student has any difficulties staff will assist in this process. Work-based placements involve a commitment of 70 hours in total. A number of employability sessions are incorporated into the curriculum, some of which are provided by the Bangor Careers and Employability team. 

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Each individual student’s experience of the module will therefore be different, mediated by the nature and location of the placement, and their defined roles within this work context. All students will begin their studies by means of workshop-style sessions. Their grounding will include reading and discussion aimed at understanding the links between academic study and agency work practice. These will then be linked to the specific undertakings of the placement agency such as providing legal or other advice services, research, policy and campaigning work. The module incorporates structures for reflection on the learning process within a work-based context, including through regular “dop-in” sessions with academic staff. Recommended reading will include texts on the value and role of such reflection.

Learning Outcomes
1. Report and reflect on one aspect of the student’s own work within the agency.
2. Develop and reflect on the acquisition of a range of work-based skills.
3. Engage constructively in a learning environment.
4. Identify and implement a range of professional and academic skills which are relevant to the workplace.
5. Establish satisfactory working relationships with staff and client groups within the agency.

Teaching Methods
The course will begin with workshop sessions, including matters such as: selecting the right placement, preparing your CV and cover letter, the recruitment process and
making the most of your placement. Some placement preparation sessions have been pre-recorded and are available on Blackboard. Other sessions will engage students in understanding reflective learning practice, and developing report-writing and presentation skills. Work-based learning will constitute 70 hours (minimum) time on the module. Workbased learning under the joint supervision of the agency and the School. Students are expected to undertake up to 120 hours private study including reading related to chosen topic and agency; preparation and completion of the two assignments.


Report to contain the following:

  • An overview of the organisation and the student’s placement tasks
  • Evidence of tasks completed during the placement
  • An explanation of the relationship between the organisation’s aims/objectives/services provided and the legal syste
  • What worked well in the placement
  • Any difficulties encountered and how these were overcome
  • Employability skills developed (referring to an employability model)

This is an academic piece of work so use research and statistics wherever possible e.g. if you are going to talk about how ‘we’ as a country rely on volunteers, provide UK
statistics on volunteering. If you are going to talk about the place of the organisation in the legal services market, provide relevant statistics from the Law Society or Legal
Services Board. Individual Presentation: Individual 8-10-minute recorded presentation on student’s work with the agency. This constitutes 50% of the mark for the module.
This presentation should include:

  • An overview of the organisation and the student’s placement tasks
  • Relationship of the organisation (its aims, objectives, services provided) to the legal system
  • Report on and evaluate one aspect of the student’s own work within the agency e.g. what did/did not work well and how student overcame this
  • Employability skills developed (referring to an employability model)
  • Challenges and opportunities for the organisation to consider specifically taking into account the current legal context

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