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What is the aim of Task 3 in terms of your learning?

  1. introduces you to a range of key concepts and processes that inform social work and human services. Task 3 involves you identifying and justifying which concepts and processes from the course that you think the practitioner should ‘foreground’ in a given case study.
  2. You are not to propose solutions or answers to the issues you see in the case study. Rather you are to focus on how the practitioner thinks about their practice in terms of the concepts and processes we have introduced you to. 
  3. The result will be a multi-perspective analysis which highlights how the practice concepts and processes covered in the course can assist in understanding and undertaking social work practice in the scenario. 

The case study analysis process
This task involves participation in and contribution to tutorial discussions about the given cases. You will be asked to share your ideas and draft analysis with other students in small groups and with the broader tutorial group to assist in the development and enhancing of all students understanding. Experience tells us students really enjoy hearing each others views and perspectives and that this enhances everyone’s learning. In weeks 11 and 12 we will have an “Open mike’ session on social work practice – we ask each of you to share a critical and somewhat complex practice challenge for your practitioner that you have identified. This will help you sharpen your final analysis.

Requires a 2000 word report of your analysis. You are to show you can reflect on your own and others analysis and use these to enhance your original analysis. This reflects the emphasis in social work of critical and reflective practice. This is due in at the end of Week 13. Experience shows us students gain a great deal of new insight this way!  

Resources for the Task 3 case study analysis

  • The Task 3 folder in the Assessment section of the course Canvas site This contains  the case studies and this PowerPoint
  • This PowerPoint of what we are wanting you to do in Task 3.
  •  Tutorials from weeks 7-11 will include opportunities to apply course concepts to the Task 3 scenarios.
  • A Task 3 Discussion Board forum for you and your fellow peers to use to share insights and engage in critical discussions about your analysis and practice scenarios

The scenarios are …

  • Case study 1: Adnan and Haya. Practitioner is a refugee re-settlement worker
  • Case study 2: ‘Out and About’. Practitioner is a youth development officer
  • Case study 3: Mary. Practitioner is a community housing worker
  • Case study 4: Lilly. Practitioner is part of a hospital multi-disciplinary team 
  • Case study 5: Julie and Joe. Practitioner is a NGO family worker 

Criteria (rubric) for Task 3

Criteria (rubric) for Task 3

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