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Surface Potential and The Zeta Potential

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1. In one paragraph, define the Surface potential and the Zeta potential of a colloidal solution.    

2. Provide typical values of the Hamaker constant for Au and Si02 nanospheres immersed in water.    

3. Find (or interpolate from a published table of values) the values for Er (the relative dielectric permittivity) of liquid H2O at 0, 25, 50 and 100 °C.

4. Use the provided Excel spreadsheet to calculate the repulsive, attractive and net interaction energy as a function of distance for (i) two Au nanospheres of 6 nm radius (in water) and (ii) two Si02 nanospheres of 6 nm radius under the same conditions. Assume the Debye length is 10 nm, the zeta potential is 50 mV, and the water is at room temperature (20°C). Now plot the graphs (using the same axes ranges) for the Au and Si02 colloids and comment on the differences and similarities. Which colloid is likely to be more stable and why?

5. Now keeping the other parameters as in question 4, vary the zeta potential and replot the graphs. At what zeta potentials are the two colloids likely to collapse? Why is there a difference between them? Which of the input parameters is the one mostly responsible for this difference?

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