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This is an individual assignment. It focuses on materials presented up to and including Week 4.

To complete the assignment, you need to:

a) Visualise the data set, and

b) Create an interactive dashboard.

All your responses are to be presented in the Excel file which you are asked to submit.

The data set is based on actual data provided by RACV Solar. For confidentiality and anonymity reasons actual data has been manipulated in the assessment task. Following is an introduction to this scenario and detailed guidelines.

RACV Solar:

RACV Solar is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the RACV (Royal Automobile Club of Victoria). While the RACV is best known as a provider of car and road-user services, the organisation has been active in expanding the range of services it offers to its members, including insurance and travel services.

RACV Solar is one of the biggest solar companies in Victoria. RACV Solar has designed and installed more than 10,000 solar installations, with over 50 MW (megawatts) of solar power across multiple sectors, including residential homes, businesses, and community projects. RACV Solar holds the record for the largest installations on a school and a hospital in Australia.

Scenario: RACV Community Solar Installation Promotion:

In 2021, RACV Solar partnered with Geelong Sustainability to offer solar power generating and battery systems to households in the Geelong, Surf Coast and Otway region.

Key data from 250 clients who participated in the promotion is included in the data set in the Excel file which forms part of this assignment (2022 T1 RACV Solar Data Set).

As a commercial business RACV Solar is keen to convert an enquiry from a potential client into a confirmed commitment to purchase a solar installation. RACV Solar aspires to minimise the time between first enquiry and confirmed commitment (i.e., “Conversion Period”).

The promotion with Geelong Sustainability provided potential clients with multiple points of contact. The main pathways were coming into an RACV Store or via the RACV Solar website. However, clients also made enquiries via RACV Solar’s social media platforms (e.g., Facebook and Instagram) or by referral from other clients.

Every client enquiry was managed by one of RACV Solar’s three salespeople – Anand, Clayton, or Daiyu. The performance of RACV Solar’s salespeople is measured according to time to “close the deal”, revenue generated, and client satisfaction.

The size of a solar electricity system is measured in kilowatts (kW). This represents the capacity of a solar installation at maximum efficiency. Larger systems have greater capacity to generate electricity than smaller systems. The amount of electricity generated depends on several factors, including system size, orientation (e.g., if the system faces north or west), and shading (i.e., if any shade, for example from nearby trees, falls on the solar panels during the day). Electricity generated is measured as kilowatt hours (kWh), the number of hours the system will power appliances with a requirement of 1,000 watts (i.e., one kilowatt).

The cost of the installation for the client is revenue for RACV Solar. Cost depends on several factors, including the size of the system, the complexity of the system (e.g., one bank of panels facing north and another bank of panels facing west), access to the site, and other factors (e.g., clients are offered different models of solar panels and extended warranties).
None of the customers in this promotion disconnected from the national electricity grid. In the evenings and during daylight hours where a solar installation did not generate enough electricity to meet their needs the client would import (and pay their electricity supplier for) electricity from the national grid. Where a solar installation generates more electricity than is required, the surplus can be exported to the electricity grid. Electricity customers will be paid for the amount of electricity exported to the grid. This “Revenue from Surplus” is based on the kWhs exported multiplied by the “feed-in tariff” (price per kWh) offered by the customer’s electricity supplier.

To track the benefit they receive, RACV Solar’s clients were asked to provide details of the cost of electricity consumed in the year prior to the new system being installed. Based on details of the installation (size, orientation, shading, etc) RACV Solar can estimate the amount of electricity generated by the installation. RACV Solar’s clients will not have to purchase this from their electricity supplier, generating a saving. If the annual surplus revenue is added to the annual electricity saving an annual payoff can be calculated. This is the financial benefit to an RACV Solar client following installing a new system.

At the conclusion of each installation RACV Solar asks their clients to rate their experience, on a scale of zero (completely unsatisfied) to 100 (completely satisfied). Using this feedback RACV Solar sorts clients into four groups: Unhappy, Acceptable, Satisfied, and Delighted.

Assignment instructions:

The assignment consists of two stages.

Stage 1: Data Analysis

You must analyse the data on the Assignment 1 Excel file. The file includes tabs for:

  • Data Description
  • RACV Solar Data Set
  • Interactive dashboard 

Stage 2: Interactive Dashboard:

Include an interactive “dashboard” for James which will help him understand and visualise key data and allow him to drill down into the data.

Your interactive dashboard must be completed on the “Dashboard” sheet of the Excel file. You can add extra sheets for other purposes, such as pivot tables or extra analysis. However, these extra sheets will not be marked. 

The minimum requirement is a neat, functional, interactive dashboard. It is expected that the dashboard includes at least four (4) and up to six (6) interactive components.

The following questions will help guide you in designing an interactive dashboard.

1. What are the highest priority areas that should be included in the Dashboard?

2. What are the most appropriate visualisations for the dashboard?

3. What about colour choices?

4. How can I make the dashboard interactive?

Learning Outcomes:

This task allows you to demonstrate achievement towards the unit learning outcomes (ULOs). The ULOs are aligned with specific graduate learning outcomes – that is, the skills and knowledge graduates are expected to have upon completion of their studies – and this assessment task is an important tool in determining achievement of those outcomes. If you do not demonstrate achievement of the unit learning outcomes, you will not be successful in this unit.

It is good practice to familiarise yourself with the ULOs and GLOs as they provide guidance on the knowledge, understanding and skills you are expected to demonstrate upon completion of the unit. In this way they can be used to guide your study.

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