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The revolving trend of single-sex schools in India and its implications for leadership

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Research Questions
This review explores the literature with two main questions that also drive the research: (a) what are the perceived advantages of single-sex schooling in India, from the perspective of teaching staff and parents (b) Does gender matter in leading a single sex school? 

1. Introduction Chapter:This chapter should primarily focus on convincing your readers why your research focus was important. Any claims for the importance and timeliness of the study should be made, but remember to back them up with relevant literature. At the end of this chapter, you should also provide a brief overview of the dissertation structure, explaining to your readers what they can expect to read in each of the following chapters. 

2. Literature Review Chapter: The literature review considers what is already known about the topic you are exploring. Ensure you provide a critical synthesis that leads into your own research. Ensure that you draw on a wide range of sources include research-based journal articles, academic books and government reports, among others. An ability to engage critically with the literature is key to this chapter, for example, what the literature has not already considered; any research gap in the existing literature; and what could be usefully explored further to add to the literature and our understanding? Your literature review should conclude with a section that sums up the main points of the literature you have presented and then frames your research within it by explicitly stating your research question(s). Remember to use sub-headings to help your readers navigate your literature review more easily.

3. Methodology Chapter: The Methodology chapter should begin with a restatement of your research aims. The chapter should then address all of the foci below: Research Paradigm: Briefly describe your adopted philosophical approach to your research. Critically discuss its strengths and weaknesses. Research Design and Data Collection: Describe the adopted data collection methods and critical justification for the selected methods. How were your research instruments developed? Were they piloted? Also include details on data collection procedures as well. Sample Size and Sampling Strategy: Who and how many people were included in your sample? How were they selected? What are the characteristics of the sample in terms of age range, gender, teaching experience, etc.? Data Analysis: Critically discuss methods of data analysis and provide justifications. Validity/Reliability: What are your understanding of the terms? What did you do to ensure that your findings are valid and reliable? Ethical Considerations: Discuss key ethical considerations in your research and how you addressed them. Remember to write in past tense in this chapter as you report what you have already done. Also remember to use literature on research methodology to strengthen the rationale for your research design. 

4. Results Chapter: Ideally, structure this chapter according to the order of your research questions. Within each of your research question sections, use sub-headings to highlight any themes emerging from your analysis. When presenting data in graphs and tables, it is important to briefly describe what is being illustrated by the data. Everything necessary to evaluate the results should be in the text (not in Appendices section). 

5. Discussion Chapter: Ideally, structure this chapter according to the order of your research questions. In many respects, this is the most important chapter as you need to discuss your results by linking them to those of existing studies and to comment on whether your results support previous research. If the results differ, offer educated reasons why this might be the case. Depending on the study, thus chapter may be a separate chapter or combined with the Results chapter. 

6. Conclusion Chapter: This chapter gives a recap on what your research explored, why it was worth exploring and what the key findings were. Any implications for policy, practice and future research can also be mentioned. For example, what might your results contribute in terms of our understanding of policy and/or professional practice? Future research directions. You should also briefly discuss here any limitations of your study as a result of your adopted methodology.

Appendices In this section, you should include all supporting documents e.g., your adopted questionnaire, list of interview questions, ethicsrelated documents, etc. Please note that you are not expected to include, for example, every single interview transcript and every single observation note in this section. You can include only a few of them, and use different colour highlights to capture the different themes as 17 found in your interview transcripts and observation notes, etc. This can be a useful strategy to demonstrate your coding process to your markers. Note this is only a suggestion and word count for different sections will depend upon the type of study you conduct. For example, in a quantitative study, the Results chapter may be shorter than 3,500 words, particularly if using charts and tables, and then the Discussion and Conclusions chapters will be longer. 

Discuss this with your supervisor. To help you with your writing up, make sure you keep a log of your reading noting particularly useful sources and quotations. Moreover, keep a record of your research activities, such as how you chose and gained access to your sample, how you developed your data collection instruments and the data collection. Finally, keep a record of data analysis procedures and your reflection on the research process and outcomes. 

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