SHB102-Structure and Function of the Human Body – Medical Science Assignment Help

Assignment Task


Learning Outcomes    
SLO a) Define commonly accepted terminologies in relation to anatomy and physiology concepts.
SLO b) Explain the levels of structural organisation in relation to the human body systems.
SLO c) Explain the levels of structural organisation in  relation to the human body systems.
SLO d) Describe and discuss the concept of homeostasis and the integration of body systems to maintain a constant internal environment.
SLO e) Identify and explain the major components in relation to anatomical features and the basic functions of each of the body systems studied.
SLO f) Describe the physiological processes of metabolism, oxygenation, movement, protection, elimination and reproduction as essential to the maintenance of health and normal function.

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As a practising health professional, you must be able to understand how each physiological and anatomical system works in an integrated manner and how any changes in this can result in altered health and disease. This assessment piece will help you to piece together the biological systems studies within this course, to examine and appreciate the intricate manner that all work together to maintain whole system homeostasis. Concept mapping is a visual tool used in many ways to integrate information across various subjects and has been shown to increase critical thinking skills, interpretation of information and permanence in retention (Moattari, 2014; Erdem, 2017). These are all critical skills for your future courses and career. You will be familiar with flow charts through images in your text, such as that shown in Figure 1, and through formative activities performed in class.

A flow diagram depicting the feedback system of the body

Figure 1: A flow diagram depicting the feedback system of the body.

However, it is important to know that concept mapping do vary from flow charts. For example, they contain multiple concepts (known as nodes e.g., Osmosis); information flows in various directions; linking arrows contain descriptive words to explain the interaction between each topic.

A simple concept map outlining multiple concepts and pathways related to cellular solute and water regulation.

Figure 2: A simple concept map outlining multiple concepts and pathways related to cellular solute and water regulation.

Integrated concept map

To complete this assessment task, you must construct a concept map that integrates three (3) of the biological systems that have been discussed in SHB102. To achieve this, you must:

1. Choose three (3) biological systems that have been discussed in SHB102, and either the Nervous System or Endocrine System.

2. Consider a homeostatic pathway that is regulated by these systems. Use the time you are in class to discuss this will your peers and Learning Facilitator. Examples may include blood calcium homeostasis, glucose homeostasis, temperature regulation.

3. Design a concept map that clearly highlights:

  • Levels of structural organisation in the body systems (e.g., cells, tissues and organ system).
  • How these systems interact with each other to regulate and return the body to homeostasis
  • How these relate to the homeostatic pathway of choice

4. Ensure all linking arrows are labelled with a meaningful word.
To be successful in this task, you might consider

  • Preparing for this early — creating concept maps while preparing for class/during class each week
  • Brainstorming all the important concepts that you can think of for each system and its relation to the homeostatic pathway
  • Organise these into groups based on the Structural Organisation of the system (perhaps even on individual pieces of paper)
  • Rearrange until clear links are observed and record any meaningful linking words.
  • Input these into the digital technology of choice

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