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Case Study 1:

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It is 9pm on a humid, rainy night. You are dispatched from ‘base’ with your team colleague to a home where it was reported a person is having trouble with his breathing.

On arrival, your initial assessment identifies three people outside the house, they are coughing and vomiting.

You do not see any visible smoke emanating from the house.Over the sound of the rain, you can hear music blearing from the house and a dog is barking from what
seems to be the back yard.In consideration of the case study scene, respond to the following questions:

1. What information in the case study could inform you that the scene may be unsafe? 

2. Based on the information in the case study what (plan) measures should be taken to ensure the safety of your colleagues and yourself?

3. What extra resources might you require?

4. What are the environmental challenges you might face? 

5. What are the possible risks to the patient inside the house if they do not receive treatment?

6. What communication strategies should you employ to manage those at the scene?

Case Study 2:

You and your colleague have been called to an apartment block responding to a report that a person is experiencing /complaining of shortness of breath.

It is 10pm at night. You arrive to find the apartment manager waiting for you; the apartment manager informs you that a person with shortness of breath is located on the 3rd floor of the building and that there is no elevator, access is via the stairwell to the apartment floor.

The apartment manager is unable to offer any more information than the patient complained of and appears to be experiencing shortness of breath. Your primary assessment of the scene identifies it is safe and there are no immediate hazards to be considered.

The apartment manager escorts you to the 3rd floor and lets you into the patients’ apartment. You announce yourself on entry as the medical/medic support team.

The apartment is dark and you turn the lights on and proceed down a hallway that turns to the left at the end. As you turn left at the end of the hallway, you turn on another light and find an obese middle-aged man in the living area; sitting on the floor with his back against a wall; breathing slightly fast and with a slight wheeze. You ask the patient ‘what is happening’ and in short breathless phrases the patient complains of severe left leg pain and that breathing has been getting progressively difficult throughout the day.

The patient complains of a persistent, deep and throbbing pain in his left lower leg, that he rates as 8/10 in intensity.

You inspect his left lower leg to find a large ulcer (5cm long, by 2cm wide, by 1cm deep) very inflamed, weeping and smelly ulcer on his shin. It appears angry and inflamed.

The wound (ulcer) appears angry and looks hot to touch. The patient complains that the pain becomes sharp if he tries to walk or use his foot. Hence, he has stayed where he is all night. He states he has no cardiac, respiratory or other problems. You and your colleague decide that extra support is required, and an extra team is dispatched.

7. What information in the case study may inform you about the scene’s safety and access?

8. Considering there is no elevator access to the apartment and you need to access via the stairs, what equipment/resources would you propose to take up to the apartment and what equipment/resources will not be taken?

9. Based on the case study information or ‘lack of information’, what PPE might be appropriate to utilise or take with you?

10. On arrival are required to conduct a ‘primary survey’ at the scene.

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