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Assignment Task


Assessment Task 1: Written Questions.

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1. Describe at least four different models of case management/service planning. Which type/s does your organisation use, and why?

2. Describe your legal and ethical obligations under the following headings:

a) Children in the workplace

b) Antidiscrimination

c) Duty of care

d) Human rights

3. Provide a brief description of each of the following AOD service delivery models:

  • Inpatient
  • Outpatient
  • Residential
  • Home-based
  • Outreach
  • Technology delivered

4. Describe the principles of a person-centred approach.

5. List at least seven service types that AOD clients could be referred to.

6. There are many differing opinions on the benefits of abstinence versus controlled AOD use from an AOD treatment perspective.

a. How might taking an inflexible ‘abstinence-only’ approach impact the person-centred approach to AOD case management?

b. Do you believe that an abstinence-only approach limits a person’s dignity of risk?

c. Do you believe that an organisation should only have one approach to AOD rehabilitation (abstinence versus controlled use)?

d. How might your process of matching decision making NURS3002 – Advanced Decision Making Essay Writing – Medical Science Assignment Helpgoals to interventions vary depending on whether you are aiming for abstinence or controlled AOD use?

7. Describe the stages of change model. Explain how this model is useful in an AOD setting.

8. As with any role in community services, it is imperative that you consider cultural factors and other barriers that could impact on a client being able to meet their treatment goals. Identify three different barriers and cultural factors that can impact clients and what can be done to support them to achieve their goals.

9. Undertake some research and identify at least four sources of specialist AOD information and support in your state or territory. In your response, identify the contact details (such as phone number, email, website, address). Provide a brief description of each source.

10. In your line of work, you will deal with clients from different demographics. For each group below, identify at least two factors that can impact support work with them.

  • Men:
  • Women:
  • Young people:
  • Elders:
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people:
  • Culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) people:

11. Explain how family and friends can support the client in the treatment planning process and meeting their goals. Why is this important?

12. Explain what you believe constitutes effective treatment goals for those with AOD issues.

13. Explain situations in which a referral to other services or a collaborative approach is required for a client. In your answer, identify the types of referral options that may be offered.

14. An issue that can often arise with client work is boundaries. Explain how you, as a worker, can ensure that you maintain appropriate boundaries with clients and what to do if you think boundaries may be crossed.

15. What types of legislation will you need to adhere to in your role in the AOD sector? List at least three.

16. For each group below, identify their rights and responsibilities.

  • Workers
  • Employers
  • Clients

18. What is Australia’s policy framework in relation to AOD and explain its purpose.

19. Explain your responsibilities in regards to mandatory reporting in AOD.


For this task you are required to document your experiences working with a client with AOD issues. Your reports will need to demonstrate that you have taken a person-centred, collaborative approach to determine treatment goals and create an individual treatment plan for each client. You are also expected to document how you review each client’s progress to achieving these goals.

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