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Critical review of a research article

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The ability to critically review, reflect upon, critique, evaluate and, ultimately, apply scholarly research findings is critical, for educators’ ongoing professional development and ability to continually pursue more effective and evidence based educational practices (Kervin et al., 2016, p.2). This task focuses on developing the ability to access, interpret and critically evaluate the research conducted by academics in your field (specialisation). For this assignment you will have to critically review (critique) research presented in an academic article.

Choose one scholarly, primary research article in the area of your interest from a peer reviewed academic journal. Primary research means that the authors report on their own original research including their research aims, participants, methods of data collection and the findings. Peer-reviewed (or `refereed’) means that the journal uses a peer-review system where other academics review submitted articles to ensure high quality of published
work. You can find whether a journal is peer-reviewed by looking up the  journal and finding information on submission procedures or aims of the journal.

For the article you will need to write a critical evaluation of the article which should include (at a minimum) the following information:

  • Introduction of the article (authors, title) and its field of study (using additional references); evaluation of whether the article provides a sufficient overview of previous studies on this topic. If you were unfamiliar with this field, would the literature review give you a clear identification of a gap in the literature?
  • Evaluation of the design. What were the aims and research questions? What type of design was used? Was this design appropriate to the research paradigm, and related to the aim and research questions? Why? How?
  • Evaluate the methodological decisions: Who were the participants and how were they recruited? Were the ethics principles followed? Did the authors
  • include enough information for the reader to understand what they did? Did they sufficiently explain all the data collection methods and procedures?
  • Do you agree with the interpretation of the results? Why or why not? Do they fit with the methodological decisions made?
  • Has the article discussed the results using other research for support? Do you agree with the implications and limitations of the study? Why or why not?

The aim of this assignment is to critically evaluate the research process, which is not the same as being negative. The questions to consider while critiquing an article are: does the research design and methodology of the study fit its aim and research questions? What are the strength and limitations of the design or methods used to collect the data (e.g. what type of questions can you not answer using this design)?
This requires you to extend beyond simply describing the research presented in the article (although some description of the major steps of their research will be required in order to provide explanation for your evaluation), with a particular focus on the process of research (rather than the specific content). 


  • Name the article that you chose for your review (ensure it is a primary research article from a reputable academic journal)
  • Briefly explain the area and focus of the research presented in the article and the paradigm that the authors use (qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods)

The gap in current research literature
Provide a succinct discussion of the previous research, highlighting the gap in the literature

The aims and research questions
Articulate the aims and research questions of the article
Explain how these aims and research questions are consistent with the research paradigm

Study’s design
Explain the appropriateness of the study’s design in relation to the aims and research questions (and research paradigm)

Study’s data collection methods
Explain the appropriateness of the data collection methods used
Discuss their strengths and weaknesses

Ethical considerations methods
Explain the ethical considerations which are relevant to the research presented in the article Study’s results
Provide a short summary and discussion of the study’s results.
Discuss the implications of the results

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