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Part 1.
Mr Peter Nguyen is a 47 year old man who has been admitted to the orthopaedic ward following a motor bike accident (MBA). Peter sustained bruised ribs, a fractured left femur and a fractured left humerus, which he required surgical intervention for. It is now two days after Peter’s operation and he is recovering as expected.
Peter has a past history of high cholesterol (hyperlipidaemia) and he started taking medication to manage it two months ago. Peter also has depression and he has been taking anti-depressants for five years. Peter lives at home with his spouse, Trinh, and their three teenage children. Peter’s spouse has multiple sclerosis (MS) which she was diagnosed with six years ago. Peter is the primary carer for Trinh and because of this he can only work two days a week. Peter’s spouse receives a disability support pension but Peter has told you that the disability support pension is not enough to support the household and they often have to compromise on groceries towards the end of the week. Peter’s mother in law, Diep, has been helping care for Trinh and the children while in hospital.

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Question 1:
Explain the importance of interdisciplinary teams in providing safe and quality healthcare. You must also identify two (2) health professionals (other than registered nurses) that will be involved in the interdisciplinary team caring for Peter and explain their role as a health professional.

Question 2:
Explain the registered nurse’s role in the interdisciplinary team and relate your response to Peter’s care.

Part 2.
It is the fourth day after Peter’s operation. Peter’s recovery continues to progress as expected. You are rostered on for the morning shift. The nurse on nightshift handed over to you that Peter is now able to ambulate with a different mobility aid. Before you approach Peter to get him out of bed for his shower, you decide to confirm the change in mobility aid in yesterday’s patient notes. However, you cannot find anything documented in relation to Peter’s mobility aid being changed.

Question 3:
Explain the importance of clear communication within the interdisciplinary team in order to ensure safe and quality care. Relate your response to Peter’s care.

Part 3.
Peter is ready to be discharged to a rehabilitation facility for ongoing care. The interdisciplinary team has worked together to effectively care for Peter and ensure he recovers optimally.

Question 4:
Using the Rolfe, Freshwater and Jasper (2001) reflection framework, reflect upon what you have learnt about teamwork and working in interdisciplinary teams, including the teamwork skills you need to continue to develop.

Use the below prompts as headings to assist your reflection:
1. What did I learn about teamwork and the registered nurse’s role in interdisciplinary teams?
2. So what impact will this learning have on my nursing practice as a student nurse?
3. Now what teamwork skills do I need to further develop and what strategies can I use to develop them?

Step 2: References
These questions must be presented in third person.
Each of these questions must contain three separate references.
You may use the same reference for different questions, however, each response must be supported by three different references.
Your PowerPoint slides must contain in-text citations.
A reference list must be provided on the last slide of your presentation.

Question 4
This question must be presented in first person.
References are not required for this question.

A note about references:
References need to be no older than ten years unless they are seminal work. Government websites are appropriate in addition to resources listed in your reading list. However, references to .com websites and and/or Wikipedia are not appropriate for this assessment task.

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