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A service provider is being sought for the technical upgrade of the Archives’ website Destination: Australia. In order to ensure the best value for money and optimal functionality (for the website and related exhibition interactive) going forward, it is necessary for the website to be transferred from a proprietary CMS to a commonly available CMS (including, but not limited to, an Open Source CMS). 
The website will enable the National Archives of Australia to collect user contributed data about the photographic collection featured on the site. The interface must be modern, engaging and user-friendly, designed to meet the needs of people of all ages, and differing levels of computer and English literacy. The website must interact successfully with an exhibition interactive via an existing API. There is an option for hosting, maintenance and support services to be provided from contract execution until 31 December 2019.

The Requirement
The National Archives of Australia (Archives) (the Customer) is responsible under the Archives Act 1983 (Cth) for the preservation and storage of Commonwealth records, including the archival resources of the Commonwealth. This procurement request relates to the website redevelopment and hosting and maintenance services for website Destination: Australia.  The photographs showcased on this website are part of the Immigration Photographic Archive (Series A12111). This collection comprises more than 22,000 black-and-white and colour photographs taken by government photographers between 1946 and 1999 to record the arrival and settlement of migrants in Australia after World War II. The photographs were used in newspapers, magazines, posters, brochures and displays to promote Australia as a prosperous welcoming nation to potential migrants and to reassure the Australian public that new migrants would readily settle into the Australian way of life.

In 2014, Destination: Australia was upgraded to encourage users to upload their own photographs and stories to share their migrant experience, further adding rich personal context to the Archives’ collection. These ‘Feature Stories’ are also available (via an API) in a ‘Globe’ interactive in the Archives’ exhibition A Ticket to Paradise? which is touring nationally from April 2016 to September 2019. 


  • Redevelopment of existing website Destination: Australia
  • Software to be either open source or common-use proprietary Content Management System (CMS)
  • One website prototype round, with testing and feedback
  • Website testing including content review
  • Final revisions
  • Final testing and bug fixes
  • Website handover
  • Final documentation including website style guides, master templates, admin user guidelines, technical specifications. This must be written in English with clear instructions for non-technical experts to operate the CMS.

External hosting and ongoing support with a service level agreement (3 years).
Updates and post implementation changes in response to user feedback

Required deliverables
API compatibility

  • The website must continue to work with the pre-existing API linking the content with an exhibition interactive
  • The administrator account to the Destination: Australia CMS must have a check box function that allows the administrator to select which feature stories will be published through the API to the exhibition interactive.
  • The API must be able to draw all user-added content in the selected feature stories, including photographs, through to the linked exhibition interactive.
  • The website will support sourcing and storing its data from the Archives’ API, according to API calls provided by the Archives, to ensure valid, up to date data is displayed on the website. 
  • The website must successfully GET, POST and PUT and DELETE data using the API within agreed timeframes.
  • Data from the API contains a mix of official records and user generated content
  • API compatibility and function must be maintained at all times until December 2019
  • The successful supplier will be provided with further documentation on the API.

Your task is to:

  • develop a project schedule using project management tools and techniques
  • implement, analyse and monitor a project schedule
  • conduct a review of project scheduling and recommend improvements for the future.

As such, you are required to produce the following for the project:
(a) develop a work breakdown structure for the project.

(b) Provide a schedule for your project. You may choose to do this using a simple table or Gantt chart software such as MS Project. You need to include:
Unique identifier for each row (task/phase/milestone)
Descriptive task names
Duration and effort
Start and end dates

(c) Provide a critical path analysis for your project. Describe how it helped you make decisions on your schedule.

(d) Discuss how you will communicate the schedule baseline to stakeholders.

(e) Provide a tracking schedule with actuals showing variance with original plans – show a variation between planned and actuals. You may choose to do this using a simple table or Gantt chart software such as MS Project or similar such as open project.

(f) To show evidence of replanning to bring project back to original timeframe, what options are available to bring the project back on schedule? What option was selected and why?

(g) What processes will you put in place to:
Report progress of activities in relation to the schedule?

(h) Describe what you would need to do to implement any agreed schedule changes.

(i) Review your project performance in terms of time management. Would your time management activities be considered effective? Why/why not?

(j) List all time management issues you may have experienced on the project (in the table below) including a recommendation for future projects. 

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