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Settlement Preparedness Report  – Arabic Culture

The Government has asked your organisation to settle a new refugee community in your local area.  Write a report to your manager outlining settlement preparedness including details of the following:

  • A brief cultural snapshot of the community being settled (you are to choose a community eg Syrian, Rohingya, etc)
  • Likely settlement aspirations across the quality of life, independence and belonging and how you will respond to these aspirations
  • Identification of potential specialized needs of any sub-groups (eg women at risk)
  • Intervention planning priorities
  • Key links and partnerships that will need to be established in the community
  • Community development approach including raising awareness with the broader community
  • Expected settlement outcomes and indicators of success

1. Evidence of an understanding of key drivers of assessment and intervention which facilitate the physical, social, cultural, and economic integration of refugees.
2. Evidence of analysis on the barriers to settlement especially for specialised sub-groups. 
3. Evidence of analysis of expected settlement outcomes and likely success indicators. 
4. Structure of content and quality of presentation  – the content of the presentation is logical, comprehensive, and fully researched. Presentation is coherent, convincing and interesting.
5. A student’s basic guide to referencing: APA7 style 

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