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Conceptual, Logical and Statistical Analysis of Machine Learning Models and of their Underlying Concepts

This assignment gives you the opportunity to conceptually and logically analyse your underlying conceptions of the concept of “machine learning” as well as of its relevant models. Your module’s references (and bibliography) include some proper books/texts that may support your report. You may also need to complete further research using ProQuest and other resources to complete your task. You are required to write a formal and scientific report that covers the tasks set out below. The individual performance and grading are based upon BSBI’s grading criteria where additional marks will be awarded for juxtaposition of your answers and ideas. 

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Learning Outcomes:
LO1- Demonstrate the understanding of basic concepts of dealing with different types of data – ordinal, categorical, encoding along with collecting, storing and making it ready for processing.
LO2- Explain the various components of predictive analytics, with the models for regression, classification and clustering to analyse real-life business problems.
LO3- Implement various models and work on a project life cycle from end to end to solve an analytical problem which translates into a business problem solution using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

1. Conceptually and logically describe how, and in which ways as well as in what general forms, humans’ observations and experiments can be transformed into various data in order to be represented? 

2. Attempt to explain what we do mean by “Machine Learning”? How can, and based on what characteristics, we categorize the concept of “Machine Learning”?

3. Explain the common as well as the identifiable statistical foundations of supervised and unsupervised algorithms. You are free to utilize Python language for making your explanations more adequate. 

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