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1.1 Background:

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Kelantan Malay is a dialect widely spoken in the north-eartern corner of Malaysia. It has been the subject of research in many studies for its beautiful cultures and distinct local language. The state is often portrayed as Islamic through and through for its political stance and it is not a misjudgment as the people’s life is also circumscribed by encompassing Syariah laws. The state is given the name Serambi Mekah for its plurality in practicing the Islamic way of life. Likewise, the prevalence of Jawi is not alien to the people, at least not to the older generations. The government initiative to preserve the heritage use of Jawi in writing can be observed on a plethora of sign boards in the municipality. This shows the borrowing of sounds and lexicals from Arabic language is significant in Kelantan Malay (KM).

Despite this fact, undeniably modernisation has an impact on every aspect of life. We get to witness diversified cultures and languages on advanced technology. Indeed, this has influenced young minds to a great extent and allowed this generation to pick up the language from various resources of entertainment such as social media (TikTok, Instagram, Twitter) or content sharing platforms like Youtube and Netflix. They also get a sense of belonging when the pronunciation of certain sounds makes them feel like they are fitting in with their peers or like they are a part of what is considered to be cool or trendy to them, as the language used may symbolize a particular lifestyle or status that is desired.

Phonological changes can begin phonetically and may just start with something as simple as how pronunciation of a word would vary over time. It is a recurring linguistic phenomenon and it is easier to observe a widely spoken language such as English and how modern versions of it have been “changed dramatically” from the past. There have been various instances in history that phonological changes have developed and can be seen through phoneme loss and creation.

Phonological change can also be elicited when the next generation adapts a word differently (Hamann, 2015). With that being said, the issue to be addressed in this study is the possible phonological changes especially in the young generation due to the adaptation of current linguistic trends. Previously, Adi Yasran (2005; 2010) has looked at KM consonants and vowel inventories through generative phonology and found that there were 16 consonants; /p, b, t, d, k, ?, s,  In this study, the researcher will be looking at only  in particular. This is because the sound is known and pronounced as the trill /r/ in standard Malay. The difference in pronunciation is caused by the borrowing sound from Arabic language (? (in KM, represented orthographically by the digraph . For example the word rambut which means hair is pronounced in KM.

1.2 Research Objectives.

In particular, the objectives of this study are:

1. To identify the phonological variations of /?/ by two generations

2. To determine to what extent is /?/ produced differently by the younger generation

3. To identify the factors that influences the phonological shift in young generations

1.3 Research Questions.

1. What are the variations of /?/ used in the two generations?

2. To what extent is /?/ produced differently by the younger generation?

3. What are the factors that influence the phonological shift in young generations

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