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Mrs Yvonne Walker is 60 years of age and sustained a displaced femoral shaft fracture in a recent fall. On admission to hospital, she was diagnosed with osteoporosis and is post-menopausal. Mrs Walker has had open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) of her femur with a metal rod and is now preparing for discharge. While you are assisting Mrs Walker in the shower, she explains that she has recently had a marriage breakdown, she feels stressed and is not sleeping well, which she believes contributed to her fall. She smokes heavily and has lost a little weight. She now weighs 52 kg. She tells you that it is essential that she returns to work as soon as possible as she has limited time to become financially stable before retirement. You are to prepare an information leaflet specific to Mrs Walker’s needs on discharge. 

The goal of the information leaflet is to apply knowledge of pathophysiology processes and evidence-based literature to the health promotion, ambulatory and home care information you provide as a nurse to promote adaptation and recovery in medical and surgical settings. You are also to apply the Code of Ethics and social justice framework to demonstrate understanding of your professional role and responsibilities.

This is an individual assessment task and care should be taken to avoid collusion or plagiarism. Use the information below as a ‘guide’ to construct your content and meet the requirements of the rubric. Refer to the rubric in canvas to ensure you meet each criterion. Diagrams and images are permitted (not included in the word count). Please ensure images are copyright compliant and appropriately referenced.

Criterion 1: Application of pathophysiology processes to health promotion information
You are to provide information about the pathophysiology and risk factors of osteoporosis, bone fracture and bone healing. In the role of a registered nurse, it is important you understand underlying disease processes and risk factors so you can provide an explanation to your patients and their family/carers using non-technical language.

Criterion 2: Use of evidence to inform and support decision-making and responsive practice in health promotion practices
You are to provide recommendations relating to health promotion, ambulatory and home care to support the specific health and wellbeing needs of your patient in the case study. This means that some of the information will be tailored to the individual person – for example the person’s psychosocial circumstances. Some information will be more generic in nature such as the pathophysiology of osteoporosis.

Criterion 3: Encourage individual access and participation in health care though the social justice framework
Gender and age are the specific social justice variables to be included in your leaflet. You are to demonstrate your understanding of how these variables apply to the patient in the case study.

Criterion 4: Application of the Code of Ethics to therapeutic interventions in health promotion information
You are to incorporate value statements from the Code of Ethics within your content to demonstrate how patients can be reassured that nurses are behaving ethically (and in accordance with professional codes) when they provide education.

Criterion 5: Application of principles and practices of academic communication, writing and referencing
A synopsis is required to give an overall summary of the leaflet content.

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