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Drug Therapy 
This assessment comprises two parts: Part A – The goal is to provide professional focused information on a medication; Part B – The goal is to provide person-centred information on a medication.As a nurse, you will be required to interpret and use pharmacotherapeutic information and reliable clinical evidence to support your colleagues and patients in the quality use of medicines. You will interpret and use evidence to inform safe and comprehensive practice when designing professional focused and person-centred medication information.

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Assessment Information:
Please enter your responses in the sections of the template below. 
This is not an essay format and does not require an introduction or conclusion.
Usethe third person in your responses.
Do not use bullet points in your responses. Use academic writing.
Use Arial 11 font with 1.5 line spacing. 
Approximate word counts have been provided to guide you in each section.
Use APA 7th edition referencing.
References are to be placed in the section at the end as indicated. 
The reference list is not included in your overall word count.

Part A: The goal is to provide professional focused information on a medication

Consider the patient situation
Jarrah Barrett is newly diagnosed withtype 1 diabetes. Jarrah is 19 years old, weighs 70 kg (non-obese) and has always been very active in team sports. He is of Aboriginal descent and lives with his father in Cherbourg. He usually plays football at weekends. Over the last month, Jarrah has been constantly thirsty and often hungry. He has been passing urine frequently and having to get up to the toilet in the night. His father became concerned when he noticed that Jarrah has lost interest in sports because he was complaining of headaches and felt tired all the time.
Jarrah is an inpatient in Cherbourg Hospital. He has been reviewed by an endocrinologist and is prescribed a ‘basal-bolus’ regime of insulin aspart (Novorapid) before each meal, and insulin glargine (Optisulin) before bedtime(both types in cartridge form). 

Criterion1: Application of pathophysiological concepts to justify clinical decision-making Collect cues/information
1. As a nursing student, your clinical facilitator has allocated you tocare for Jarrah. After the morning handover, you are asked to explain the pathophysiology of type 1 diabetes to the clinical facilitator. What is your response?
2. Your clinical facilitator tells you that Jarrah would rather not have multiple daily injections. He wants to know why he cannot just have tablets to manage his type 1 diabetes like his friend who has type 2 diabetes. What is your response?

Criterion2: Application of pharmacotherapeutic concepts to explain safe medication practice
Process information
Jarrah is disappointed that he has to administer two different types of insulin. Your clinical facilitator asks if you can explain to her how Jarrah’s prescribed regime works to achieveglycaemic control.
1. Explain the ‘time-course’ of formulations of Novo Rapid and Optisulin.
2. Explain the principles underpinning a ‘basal-bolus’ regime of insulin (see Bryant & Knights, 2019, p. 682 – 683).
3. Explain the mechanism of the action of NovoRapid and Optisulin in attaining glycaemic control.

Criterion 3: Evidenced based argument and justification of decisions

Identify problems/issues
You are on a night shift and Jarrah rings his bell at 0200hrs and states he feels unwell. You take his blood glucose level (BGL) and find it to be 3.0mmol/L. This is the second consecutive night this has happened.
1. What arethe registered nurse’s responsibilities relating to the Nursing and Midwifery Boardof Australia (NMBA) Registered Nurse Standards for Practice in providing safe care to Jarrah? Identify one standard and apply it to your responsibility in this situation.
2. Identify two possible causes of his hypoglycaemia.

Take action
3. What are the appropriate nursing actions after taking Jarrah’s BGL? Give a rationale for the nursing actions.
4. If Jarrahappears to have altered consciousness, explain the nursing actions you would take and provide a rationale.

Part B: The goal is to provide person-centred information on a medication
Jarrah and his father require information and education about diabetes and medication management before discharge. Standard 3.2 of the NMBA Registered Nurse Standards for Practice requires nurses to ‘provide the information and education required to enhance people’s control over health’ (2016, p. 4). 

Criterion 4: Application of social justice principles and the Quality Use of Medicines when describing mechanisms of action, adverse effects, benefits, risks and management of valuation analysis using person-centred approaches

Take time to educate
1. Jarrah is struggling to come to terms with his type 1 diabetes diagnosis and the need to have multiple daily injections. What information would you give him about the long-term benefits of having the insulin and closely monitoring his BGL?
2. What information would you provide to Jarrah and his father about recognising symptoms of hypoglycaemia? 
3. What education would you provide regarding techniques aroundself-administration of insulin?
4. Identify one aspect that you would have to consider in relation to social justice. How could this impact Jarrah’s ongoing health needs? What solution might you offer to address this?
5. What issues could affect Jarrah’s ongoing glycaemic control in relation to a) his age and b) engagement in sport once he is discharged?

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