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Introduction to Nursing 

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Brief task description    
This assessment involves a reflection of your performance of a clinical skill.
This assessment will be in two parts: 
Simulation and recording of a clinical skill
A written reflection on your recorded clinical skill

Rationale for assessment task    
One of the most effective assessment methods in relation to clinical skills in undergraduate nursing, is the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE). This is an opportunity where you will be provided with personalised feedback that may enhance your ability to deliver safe, effective, and patient-centred nursing care. This assessment is designed to aid your learning.
The feedback provided will be in relation to aspects such as your knowledge and understanding (cognitive), ability to perform the required nursing skill (psychomotor) and other aspects, for example, effective communication (written and verbal), (affective skills).  The fundamental nursing skills will help you as part of the ‘real world’ preparation for clinical responsibilities as a Registered Nurse.

Course Objectives measured    
1. Recall and apply knowledge and skills necessary to perform basic health assessments across the lifespan and relevant clinical skills
2. Reflect on self-performance when conducting basic nursing assessments and performing clinical skills within the principles of caring practice.
3. Identify and recall principles of person-centred care, infection prevention and control, manual handling
4. Communicate effectively in a simulated clinical environment

Task detail    

Part A: Simulation and recording of a clinical skill

Simulation of a clinical skill 
In groups of 3, each student will conduct a vital sign health assessment including Blood Pressure, Temperature, Pulse, Respirations, and Oxygen saturations on another student “the patient”. Students will communicate their findings to their “patient” and document their findings on an observation chart. Findings from these assessments need to be interpreted and communicated to the patient (using critical thinking, and as a student you will need to identify normal health parameters and any abnormal findings). It is recommended that you prepare and perform your vital sign health assessment using the clinical skills assessments which are found in your textbook by Tollefson & Hillman titled “Clinical Psychomotor Skills Assessment Tools for Nurses”. The blood pressure measurement will be manual (e.g., using a sphygmomanometer with mercury manometer) and performed in either a lying or sitting position. A temperature reading will be taken using a tympanic thermometer. 

Video recording of the Skill
A videorecording provides you with the personal opportunity to reflect upon your performance later.  We understand that practice improves performance. Therefore, we are not expecting that you perform the skill at an independent level, however we do expect that you learn how to reflect on aspects that you can improve on later. As a beginning student, it is important that you not only learn how to perform a skill, but can also link your knowledge with practice, that is, demonstrate a level of understanding of how and why you would do things a certain way. 

The opportunity to complete this recording will be provided during your scheduled simulated laboratory class. For all students attending a residential school, this element will occur towards the end of your scheduled residential school.  For all on-campus students (attending on a weekly schedule), you will be randomly allocated into either a Week 9 or Week 10 group, and you will record your performance of a vital sign health assessment during the scheduled laboratory time.

Part B – Reflection 

Reflection Task 

  • You must have recorded your video before submission of this written assessment
  • Provide evidence of documentation – (e.g., a copy of the observation chart that you completed)
  • For your reflection you are asked to appraise your clinical skills performance. This reflection needs to incorporate aspects that you think you did well (something positive), and those that you think you could improve on in the future. This reflection (using the Gibbs Reflective Cycle) should address the following elements: 
  • How well you addressed the performance criteria in the clinical skills assessment
  • The integration of concepts related to patient-centred care (e.g., therapeutic characteristics, caring, compassion)
  • A self-appraisal of your knowledge, skills, attitudes, behaviours (cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains)

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