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Assignment Task


Video written critique 
Identify three (3) critical elements within the process of the procedure that were performed well according to best practice recommendations.

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  1. Provide evidence-based rationale for each of the identified critical elements using peer-reviewed journal articles and/or textbooks. Citations and references should be in accordance with the APA 7th Edition Guidelines.
  2. Identify three (3) areas for improvement in the video produced and considerations for future practice in the clinical environment.
  3. List the search terms used in your database search for the evidence-based literature.

This Was The Video Presentation Script We Did At University According To This Script Please Do The Above Questions.

Mrs. Smith is an 84-year-old resident at the aged care facility where you are currently on placement. She has dementia and has challenges communicating verbally. She will nod when asked questions regardless of whether the answer is yes or no.  At the beginning of the shift, I will conduct a bed area safety check, I’m going to check the emergency kits, whether the call buttons are in proximity or not, and also, the bed rails have to be on because the Mrs. Smith is an old patient so she would face risks of falls. You know, falls are a common occurrence in later life and are associated with significant levels of morbidity and mortality.

Apart from that, Mrs. Smith would have problems with her mobility, so i think in order to assist her from bed to chair, i need to use a wheelchair to help her move. And if possible, an electrically power one or a walking stick (improve balance and stability) can maintain her self-esteem and self-worth.
As I mentioned earlier, Mrs. smith has dementia, so her daily activities of living are negatively affected. Firstly, it would be dangerous if she forgets to have meals or take medicines on time since her body cannot be supplemented with enough nutrients and chemicals. My plan is to be patient with patients, spend more time along the bedside to assist her in her eating, i will describe the meals in detail for her and let her choose what she wants to eat. Also, I will demonstrate the importance of these drugs for her recovery. 

Secondly, Mrs. Smith has weak short-term memory, so she may forget what happened few days ago. For me, it’s a big issue because I can’t figure out what meditations she took before if i ask her. Then it would be so terrible if allergic reactions occur. My strategy is to have a daily specific medical record and measure vital signs more frequently. Also, I need to talk with patients more to slow down the progress of memory loss, which is the final phase of dementia.
Thirdly, dementia patients often feel stressful, which can lead to physical problems like headaches or high blood pressure, or maybe behavioral changes such as inability to sleep. I believe incorporating activities which can greatly alleviate her stress in the daily plans, like listening to music or going for a walk, and besides, asking psychologists for relaxation techniques if I need professional treatment.

Isbar Handover Script


  • THIS IS Mrs. Joan Smith 84-year-old lady residing here from last year. 


  • Situations wise she is experiencing memory loss. 
  • Notified changes in her short-term memory and she can’t control her emotions.
  • She has got challenges in communicating verbally.
  • Due to cognitive issues, she is unable to figure out something is true or false. 


  • She has been at the aged care facility for one year, because she needs full assistance for activities of daily living. 
  • Her past medical history is dementia, depression and hallucination. 


  • On assessment patient looks very comfortable pleasantly confused. 
  • I assisted Joan from bed to wheelchair after explaining the procedure to her, considering safe effective and person-centered communication, using the treatments and strategies I have mentioned earlier. 
  • A-G assessment with focus on disability, specifically the level of consciousness and vital signs assessment 


  • Encourage Mrs. Joan to do some activities with other residents for example artwork, music or other sports.
  • One is to one time spend with Mrs. Joan to divert her mind from mood changes. 
  • Recommend physiotherapist twice in a week to do some exercises to increase her mobility. 
  • I would suggest checking Mrs. Joan’s vital signs at least twice in a month to make sure her health condition is stable. 

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