MAN5069-Global Sport Research and Project – Management Assignment Help

Assignment Task


1. Assessment Overview:

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1.1)    Method of assessment.

There are two types of assessment within this module. Formative assessment is given through regular feedback designed to help you improve your work. This form of assessment does not contribute towards your grade. Summative assessment is also given in the form of your grade and feedback for your coursework
This module is assessed through a video poster presentation which communicates a coherent research proposal within the context of global sport management. 
This A2 poster and video presentation is worth 100% of your module grade.

1.2) Deadlines & submission.

The deadline for submissions is: 26/05/2022 at 12 noon.
Your poster should be of A2 size and be presented via video and submitted through Moodle. A copy of your poster should also be submitted to Moodle. 
Assignments should be submitted online via the link provided in the Assessment area of the module’s Moodle site. Please follow the University policy regarding online submission and submitting assignments on time.

1.3) Assignment format.

Your assignment can be completed using any poster creation software (PowerPoint, Word, Photoshop, InDesign) and should be created to fit onto A2 paper. You should explain and talk through the content of your poster for 5 minutes within a video recording. Both your video recording and your poster should be submitted through the links provided on Moodle. 

1.4) Tutor support.

Support is available at any time throughout this module; simply contact your tutor if you need help.  Feedforward sessions will be scheduled to help you plan your work and an audio assessment brief will be made available on the module’s Moodle site to provide further guidance.
Specific feedback on individual assessments will only be available via scheduled, face-to-face meetings, not via email.  To make the most of these sessions, it is expected that you will have already begun work on your assessment and have a list of questions for your tutor prepared in advance.
Detailed feedback will not be possible via email and lecturers can only comment in detail on one draft only.  Comments on multiple drafts are not possible as there is a danger your work becomes your lecturer’s work.  However, if you have any specific queries, or need additional support, you can still book a tutorial at any time.

1.5)Plagiarism and Academic Misconduct. 

Any work you submit must be your own original work.  Any work that is plagiarised – this means submitting any item of assessment which contains work produced by someone else in a way which makes it look as though it is your own work – will be subject to an academic misconduct review. This includes ‘self-plagiarism’ – you are not allowed to re-use work, or significant sections from work, which you have already submitted for an assessment. 

Learning Outcomes:

On completion of this assignment, students should be able to demonstrate their ability to:

1. Understand research and project management methodology, tools and techniques that will enable you to investigate a ‘live’ GSM issue/opportunity. 

2. Critically analyse and evaluate appropriate research and project methodologies that help solve ‘live’ GSM issues/opportunities. 

3. Formulate a coherent research proposal that seeks to improve the sustainability and performance of a specific ‘live’ GSM issue, taking into account all necessary challenges and issues. 

4. Present a properly structured poster proposal – that will be actioned in the final year – in a formal, persuasive and coherent manner. 

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