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Vladimir, his wife, Irena and their daughter, Ivanka (2 years old), arrived in Australia from Russia. mIrena held a Visitor visa under the Family Sponsored stream Class FA sub class 600 as her sister mwas living in Australia. Vladimir and his daughter Ivanka are Australian citizens but Irena did not apply for permanent residence of Australia. Vladmir is working as the CEO of a large engineering company which is owned by a Russian Oligarch. They came to Australia to visit Vladimir’s mother who lives in Sydney and is ill. Vladimir used to frequently come to Australia to visit his mother. Two weeks after they arrived in Sydney, Vladimir received an email from his housekeeper in Moscow stating that if he and his family return to Russia they will be executed as the owner of the engineering company did not want Vladimir to continue in his position as CEO of the company and had appointed his son to take over the role. Vladimir was completely distraught as all their possessions were still back in Moscow. Vladimir is worried about the safety of his family and consults you as a matter of urgency. 

You are a registered migration agent and Vladimir has asked for your advice in writing about the following issues:

1. As Irena is unable to locate her visa grant notice, she wants to know what conditions, if any, are attached to her visa and what do they mean. Irena does not want you to apply for a VEVO check.

2. Is Irena able to make a valid application for a Partner Class UK/BS subclass 820/801 visa in light of her circumstances? Explain.

3. You are also required to prepare a submission to the Minister for Immigration addressing the relevant regulatory requirements, in the event there are restrictions on her ability to make a valid application for a Partner visa.

4. Would your advice for question 2 be different if her Family Sponsored stream Class FA sub class 600 visa had expired by one week?

5. What are the Department of Home Affairs’ fees for a Partner visa assuming the payment is made by Mastercard?

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