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1. Watch the following lecture recordings and PowerPoint slides in the Week 6 Module on FLO.

2. Read the following

  • Karen Petch, ‘Executive decisions in the time of Australian marriage equality’, (2018) (Autumn) Bar News: Journal of The NSW Bar Association18.
  • Also read Wilkie v The Commonwealth (2017) 263 CLR 487.

3. Using case citators, such as Firstpoint and Casebase (through the Flinders University Library database subscriptions)

a. Find subsequent Australian cases that have cited Wilkie v The Commonwealth (2017) 263 CLR 487 (‘Wilkie’). List every Australian case that you can find that has cited Wilkie. (NOTE: do not include secondary sources – only case law). Make sure that your case citations are AGLC compliant.

b. Note the nature of the subsequent treatment in the cases you have listed as indicated by the case citator you have used (for instance applied, considered, referred to and so forth).

c. Identify the pinpoint references [paragraph or page] where Wilkie was cited in each case you have identified. There may be more than one.

4. Choose one of the cases you have listed above that has cited Wilkie v The Commonwealth (2017) 263 CLR 487.

a. Record the AGLC compliant citation for the case you have chosen including the pinpoint references where Wilkie was cited by the court.

b. Write a brief note describing the facts of the case you have chosen.

c. Write a brief note identifying the legal issue/s in the case you have chosen and the outcome/s in that case.

d. Identify the passage/s in Wilkie that was/were cited by the court in the subsequent case you have chosen.

e. Explain the legal principle/s from Wilkie that was/were applied in the case you have chosen.

f. Identify the legal issue/s that arose in the case you have chosen that were resolved/explained by citing the relevant legal principle/s from Wilkie. [NOTE make sure that you only do this for one case, you will not have enough words to do this for more than one case.] Criteria we look for and reward when marking the Case research and analysis assignment.


  • The way in which you separate each issue is clear and logical to the reader.
  • Your ideas flow and you deal with the issues in a logical sequence.


  • You demonstrate an understanding of the requirements of the assignment.
  • You display a good understanding of the legal issues and explain them clearly to your reader.
  • You explain legal principles derived from primary sources appropriately and effectively.
  • Your work demonstrates thorough research.

Writing Style:

  • Your writing shows professional attention to detail.
  • You implement a range of plain English writing techniques to good effect.
  • Your punctuation, grammar and spelling are impeccable (ie. you have carefully proofread your work).
  • Your writing communicates your legal analysis effectively and efficiently.
  • You comply with the AGLC referencing conventions.
  • You provide pinpoint references whenever they are required.

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