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Human Resource Management 

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Instructions:  Read the following case carefully and review the diagram of the Dave Ulrich model of HRM roles following it.  Then carefully discuss and answer the questions that follow.  The assignment should be uploaded by midnight on JUNE 6, 2022.  

The Case:
Lionel and Amrita Carter and Lionel’s sister Stephanie Carter have decided to open a bake shop called ‘Sweet Eat’ in their small town.  The building to house the shop is on a corner close to the town centre; it was left to Lionel by their Grandmother who had died a few years earlier.  The shop is Stephanie’s brain child since she is an experienced pastry chef/baker who has worked at hotels in French Guiana and the Turks and Caicos Islands with pastry chefs and top bakers.  

The Carter’s have a business plan of which includes the following: 
1. Stephanie brings the main talent to the business; she will manage the operations; Lionel has a small Construction company with some experience in mechanical engineering; Amrita is a schoolteacher; Stephanie’s son, Angus is into information technology and Physics; all are expected to contribute some talent to the enterprise;

2. the shop will open daily excepting Sunday, from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.;

3. the building for the shop is a three-bedroom, one bathroom, kitchen/living/dining area, concrete structure which has both a small front lawn and a small backyard garden;

4. the shop is scheduled to open to receive customers on January 1, 2023.  The Carters are in the planning stage including retrofitting the property – that is:  adding a washroom for customers, secure storage area and baking and wash facility in the back garden space, landscaping the front lawn to accommodate three sheltered sitting areas (small table with chairs); the living area to accommodate two sitting areas and the large show case space; two rooms for administrative/staff purposes; one large kitchen.  

5. hire at least five (5) employees;

6. ‘Sweet Eat’ will offer an assortment of pastry, pastry-based dessert items, artisan bread on weekends along with fruit drinks, coffee and herbal teas; customers can sit and partake, but there is great emphasis on take-away, pre-order and pick-up.
The Carters have a dream of a ‘unique, top class eatery that will delight customers’.  

Their broad objectives include:

  • To provide a safe and comfortable ‘high tea’ experience for sit-down customers;
  • To make available delicious and tasty pastry-based desserts;
  • To provide a variety of artisan bread for sale on weekends – Friday to Sunday;
  • To make ‘Sweet Eat’ a profitable concern within three years of its establishment;
  • To offer supreme service to all customers – sit down or walk in.
The Dave Ulrich Model of the Roles of HRM:

The Questions
You are advising the Carters on the HR needs for the establishment.

  1. For each of the HR roles in the Dave Ulrich Model, give TWO specific activities or things to be done, either at the preparatory stage or during the course of the business.
  2. Draft an HRM philosophy for the company that you will discuss with the directors.
  3. Give the names of the job positions that should be created and filled for Sweet Eat to run efficiently (no more than six positions).
  4. The Carters have listed broad objectives for the company.  Review them.  Now, draft THREE HR objectives for the Company.
  5. Plan employee activities for the first six months of the Company’s beginning operations and being in business (base these on your objectives).  Note at least FOUR activities and give reasons why you planned for those activities.  

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