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Laboratory Report Discussion

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Learning Objectives
In this assignment,you must demonstrate particular learning outcomes.  Specifically, you need to demonstrate the ability to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, and historical trends in cognitive psychology.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the practical and theoretical skills of cognitive psychological research.
  • Apply theories and principles of cognitive psychology to novel findings and situations that arise in everyday life.
  • Compare and contrast the different theories used in cognitive psychology and explain the key mechanisms and theories within the sub-fields of object recognition, attention, memory, concepts, visual knowledge, judgement and reasoning, problem solving and intelligence, and unconscious processes.
  • Develop skills in the derivation of empirical predictions and assess the adequacy of these against a set of experimental findings in cognitive psychology Getting started on the assignment

For this assessment, you will write a full discussion section based on the information provided below, regarding an experiment.  The Lab Report Discussion should contain a detailed analysis of the experiment results describing:

  • what was found, and whether this was consistent with predictions
  • whether the findings are similar to those of other researchers (resources provided below)
  • an explanation of the findings
  • limitations of the research and future directions
  • the conclusion

The lab report should be well-structured and all formatting should be APA 7. This includes in-text citations and a correctly formatted reference list. Secondary citations should NOT be included, you should ONLY be reading and citing/referencing the sources provided below. 

Background Lab Report Topic Information
“Can drawing young adults’ attention to their knowledge help protect them against the illusory truth effect?”
Since it was discovered in 1977, researchers have demonstrated that exposing people to false claims repeatedly makes them more likely to judge those claims as true compared to claims that were only seen or heard once (see, for example, Hassan & Barber, 2021). This finding is particularly concerning given that we are exposed to false (or unsubstantiated) claims everyday through advertisements, fake news sites, political speeches, and other sources. Repetition appears to increase the fluency and coherence of the claims (Unkelbach et al., 2019) One important aspect of studying this illusory truth effect is trying to prevent it from occurring. One recent study has found that older adults reduce the effect through accessing their general knowledge (Brashier et al., 2017). The question that is asked in the current research is whether young adults can also reduce the effect when they consider their general knowledge. Therefore, the aim of this experiment is to determine whether accessing their knowledge reduces the illusory truth effect in young adults. 

There are a few valid and ethical ways of examining this aim. For this assignment, you are going to opt for the most thorough of these by manipulating two things:

  1. Whether participants access their knowledge or not (We need to have a group of participants that do not access their knowledge to make sure that they show the typical illusory truth effect. Essentially, this group is our “control” group.)
  2. How many times the statements are repeated All participants will take part in the standard illusion of truth procedure consisting of two sessions. In the first session, participants will rate a number of statements. In the second session, participants will judge the truth of previously seen statements and new statements.

We can make a number of hypotheses about the illusion of truth effect. The most relevant for this experiment is:
It was hypothesised that participants who access their general knowledge will have a smaller illusion of truth than those who do not access their general knowledge. 

Sections Required:

Your Discussion should start with a reminder of the aim of the study, followed by the hypothesis, and whether the findings supported the hypothesis. Typically the order of a discussion is as follows:

  • The discussion should begin with a reminder of the aim of the study, followed by the hypothesis, and whether the findings supported the hypothesis.
  • Following this, the discussion should explain and interpret the findings. This does not mean to repeat the results but to provide a brief explanation of key findings. Remember you must back up every claim you make using in-text citations of the provided sources. You must say whether the results are consistent with prior studies. If they aren’t, you must think about why they are not consistent.
  • When it comes to explaining the findings, you can’t ‘prove’ your interpretations, so be tentative. Often, these interpretations are important areas that future researchers need to investigate. So, attempt to explain the results of the study based on theoretical explanations. 
  • Next, you need to talk about the study’s implications. Are they theoretical or practical?
  • Then outline any limitations of the study that you’re aware of and explain how those limitations may have affected the results. You must also suggest ways that future researchers can rectify this. Remember you don’t want the reader to feel like the study was flawed and a waste of time. So, make sure that they are reasonable limitations as well.
  • You should then go on to present some suggestions for future research. These recommendations should follow logically from the specifics of this study. You can scatter this section throughout the discussion if you would like. For example, some people like to put some suggestions when they interpret the findings and others when they overview the limitations. Just ensure that you provide some suggestions for future research.
  • Wrap up your discussion with a brief conclusion (one paragraph at the end). Conclusions commonly summarise the study’s findings, but also mention the implications of the study. Please include a References list, using APA 7 formatting. 

Assignment Resources
(1) The Laboratory Report Discussion Overview (this document)
(2) The Method and Results section (use this to create your discussion). Please find this document attached. 

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