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Statistical Programming Questions

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Mapping to Programme Goals and Objectives

This assignment covers all the learning outcomes for the module which are given below:

Knowledge & Understanding:

  • Demonstrate deep knowledge and practical skills for understanding the statistical methods and techniques for data science
  • Critically assess application of adequate techniques for understanding and exploring business data and how it can be exploited for decision making with programming in R

Intellectual / Professional skills & abilities:

  • Appraise and Apply different statistical methods and techniques to real world business environment having to deal with and exploit huge volumes of data using R programming environment
  • Evaluate and reflect on solving real life business problems using suitable statistical techniques

Personal Values Attributes (Global / Cultural awareness, Ethics, Curiosity) (PVA):

  • Build a critical awareness of legal, cultural and ethical issues surrounding analysis, exploration and dissemination of data.

Assignment Questions:
1. Six months ago, a local gym set up a research programme to find out if gym members who attended exercise classes were more likely to lose weight than those who exercised alone. A census of all participants was conducted. These were the results they recorded: 

local gym set up a research programme to find out if gym members who attended exercise classes

The staff at the gym want to know which type of exercise – gym only workouts or attending exercise classes – is most effective in helping individuals lose weight. Prepare a short report (not more than 700 words) which summarises and interprets the findings, using all of the statistics given in the table above. (11)

2. There are different ways to deal with missing data values when processing data, describe one of the ways to deal with it and what are the positives and negatives of using doing this way. [No more than 250 words] (5)

3. Cystic fibrosis is an inherited condition that causes sticky mucus to build up in the lungs and digestive system. This causes lung infections and problems with digesting food. Below is the data recorded for this disease (detail of variables is given below the table). The data below is also provided in ‘cystfibr.txt’ for copying and processing. 

The data below is also provided in ‘cystfibr.txt’ for copying and processing

Below is the description of all the above variables:
age: age in years.
sex: 0: male, 1:female.
height: height (cm).
weight: weight (kg).
bmp: bone morphogenetic protein – body mass (% of normal).
fev1: forced expiratory volume.
rv: residual volume.
frc: functional residual capacity.
tlc: total lung capacity.

pemax: maximum expiratory pressure.
(a) Read this data into a data frame and attach it to the data frame. 
(b) Create summaries of the variables in this dataset and comment on them? 

4. For the data given in question 3 (‘cystfibr.txt’), 
(a) Use scatterplots between the variables to find any clear relationships between the variables and discuss them? 
(b) Create boxplots for the variables height, weight, bmp, fev1, rv, frc, tlc and pemax, all stratified by sex. Which of these have evidence of outlying observations? 

5. The probability that a patient recovers from a delicate heart operation is 0.88. What is the probability that exactly 5 of the next 8 patients having this operation survive? 

6. Northumbria University’s ‘ask4help’ receives 5 emails per minute on the average. Find the probability of receiving 7 emails in a given minute. 

7. A fuel station sells, on the average, 14500 litres of fuel per day with a standard deviation of 2500 litres. If a manager stocks 20000 litres on a particular day, what is the probability that more than 10000 litres will be sold? 

8. A study was made on the amount of converted sugar in a certain process at various temperatures. The data were coded and recorded as follows: 

A study was made on the amount of converted sugar in a certain process at various temperatures

(a) Estimate the linear regression line to provide a chart and summary statistics together with the coefficients. (6)
(b) Estimate the mean amount of converted sugar produced when the coded temperature is 1.76. (2)

9. The following data is taken from a company about its advertisements and purchases of the product. Calculate coefficient of correlation to measure the strength and direction of relationship between the number of advertisements and purchases made, and comment on it.

10. A scenario 
You are a director of a major manufacturing organisation, and collecting various pieces of information for your potential customers, such as on one of your major customers who is based in London, will require delivery lorries to travel the length of the M1. You will investigate the speed on this road using the data available at You should only use the source specified. You will need to adopt a sampling approach and credit will be given for schemes which show you have considered how to apply the principles of sampling to obtain the best results with the smallest possible dataset.

Report Requirements
Your STATISTICAL report should consist of no more 2500 (applies only to question 10) and should be word-processed. Credit will be given for the use of an appropriate technical style of presentation.

Your report should address the following topics:
Your sampling strategy and how it was devised
Details of the data collected
Details of your statistical analysis and its results
Conclusions drawn
Any relevant background research

You should include a table of all the data you have collected and any calculations performed in RStudio as an appendix to your report. This is not counted in the page limit. Failure to include this will result in the deduction of marks. Also note that the Traffic England website (link given above) allows you to sign in and save data shots, but any updates on their website may lead to losing of data stored in your account. Thus, it is your responsibility to store this data into your computer(s) and keep it safe for your this task. 

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