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John is a 20-year-old single male working as an apprentice plumber and living with his parents. He has three other siblings. He has a diagnosis of first-episode psychosis and has had a couple of admissions to the hospital in the context of relapse due to non-adherence to treatment. John has a history of significant trauma which he does not like to talk about. He migrated to Australia with his parents at the age of 10 after they fled from a war-affected country. In his home country, he was a victim of repeated horrific violent crimes which sadly resulted in the death of his sister. He was held hostage during one of these incidences. His parents described him as being mostly resentful, angry, and having difficulty establishing a relationship with others. He struggles to seek out help from others and resorts to the use of violence at the first sign of feeling he is under a threat. This has impacted the work a couple of times.

His first contact with mental health services was when the police were called to their residence because he was being aggressive towards the family. He reported that his parents were plotting against him and could be seen at times mumbling to himself. He has admitted to having auditory hallucinations. He was commended on an atypical antipsychotic medication during his first admission which he took reluctantly initially but later on stopped, he later complained of side effects from the medication. He resorted to using illicit substances to mask his symptoms which according to him “works better than those horrible tablets”. His parents are also skeptical about the use of medications and have been considering alternatives. According to him, he has no desire to stop using illicit substances. This has resulted in a relapse of symptoms and several readmissions to the hospital.

John has harbored mistrust for mental health services and authority since his first contact. This was further amplified following an incident that resulted in the use of restrictive intervention during one of his admissions.

His family report that he often has difficulty sleeping and has poor concentration. He can also be avoidant and tends to withdraw from others. He presented with a low mood, hopelessness, helpless themes, visual hallucination of blood, and auditory hallucinations telling him his life was in danger and he needs to do everything to protect himself.

Details of the Task/Instructions:

1. Your introduction should set the scene for the essay, and provide context and the scope of what areas your essay would be discussing.

2. Discuss the indication for and how you would utilise cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) when working with John particularly with his depressive and psychotic symptoms. Your discussion should be embedded within the available evidence-based literature around the use of CBT including but not limited to relevant empirical models.

3. You will need to demonstrate a good understanding of various aspects of CBT when utilizing this therapy, this includes but is not limited to relevant assessment and treatment tools.

4. Please note that you have already addressed the use of motivational interviewing in your first written assessment task, and it does not need to be discussed in this essay.

5. Further assessment data has been provided regarding John in addition to what was presented previously.

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