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Assignment Task


Learning Outcomes Assessed.

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The following course learning outcomes are assessed to some degree, by completing this assessment:

S1. Develop object-oriented programs involving several interacting classes.

S2. Develop, compile and debug code using an appropriate IDE

S3. Manage multiple versions of source code used to create separate software releases.

S4. Select appropriate ways to represent data and collections of data.

S5. Incorporate pre-written classes, including those from an API, into software solutions.

A1. Design, develop, test, debug and release programs from supplied program specifications. 

Tasks to be completed:

The following is a description of the tasks you may want to complete to address the needs of this assignment:

1. Read through the entire assignment task description (all 14 pages) to understand what the program needs to achieve, and how you will be assessed.

2. Decide between your pair, who will be doing the Person 1 tasks, and who will do the Person 2 tasks as there are specific tasks to be done by each of you and your mark will depend on which role you take on (so do not do tasks belonging to the other person) 

3. Decide a team name, preferably made by combining your names. Then one of you needs to accept the GitHub Classroom assignment by clicking the link in Moodle (underneath the link you clicked to obtain this document) to create your team, and then to create your repository. Then the other student can accept the assignment through the same link and then just select the team name (created by the first student) to link themselves to the repository – then you will both have access to the repository and will be able to clone/link it into your own IDE as you have done in some of the lab classes.

4. Perform a textual analysis to identify potential classes (look for nouns), potential methods (look for verbs or actions), potential fields/data (look for nouns again). Develop an initial class diagram to organise your thoughts. (This is not marked.) Discuss between the group what classes you might need, and how they might need to interact or work separately.

5. Start coding, by taking one functional requirement to start with. Identify the tests that you
 might need to check/prove that it is addressed and correct, and develop code to address it. Once that functional requirement is fully addressed/working and tested, commit the code files to the repository (you can commit more frequently if you wish but try avoiding committing code with compiler errors), then work on another functional requirement and repeat the process. Because you are now working with a partner, you will need to regularly pull/fetch and merge the work of your partner. Refer back to labs from earlier weeks for assistance on merging (if required). Develop more code to address further requirements.

6. When completed, finalise the repository on GitHub (make sure it contains the final version), then each person should submit their personal supplementary document to Moodle. 

Assessment Details – Overview:

You are to develop a program that could be used by a company which offers deals to potential customers to use this company as their retailer for Gas and Electricity – in other words, the bills for power and gas will come from this company, if the customer agrees to sign up through them. Specifically, you are to provide the potential customers with “quotes” that indicate the cost that they would have paid if they had already been getting their gas or power from this company, based on the amount of gas/power they had used in the past. The company offers a few different types of agreements, which have different ways of calculating the fees/charges for the gas or electricity consumed.

You are to work in pairs. One person in the pair is responsible for writing the code relating to the calculation of quotes for Gas, the other person is responsible for the code that calculates quotes for electricity. The calculations are explained later in this document. In addition, there are some other tasks which must be completed, some to be done by a specific person in your group, others to be shared by your pair.

The following sections explain what the program needs to do (Functional Requirements), and then this is followed by some additional matters which must be addressed by the code you develop as the solution program. It also explains what each person in the group should do towards the final program.

In order to work together, you must share a GitHub repository. 

Specific Tasks for Person 1:

Person 1 is responsible for coding the following parts of the program (and will be marked on this basis):

  • FR-2: Create a new Electricity Plan
  • FR-3: See a detailed description of an Electricity Plan
  • FR-4: Allow the user to create a quote for a potential customer using a particular

Electricity Plan

  • FR-5: Generate a report of a quote for a potential Electricity customer to a text file
  • FR-10: Preserve the Electricity Plan types between executions of the program

Specific Tasks for Person 2:

Person 2 is responsible for coding the following parts of the program:

  • FR-6: Create a new Gas Plan
  • FR-7: See a detailed description of a Gas Plan
  • FR-8: Allow the user to create a quote for a potential customer using a particular

Gas Plan:

  • FR-9: Generate a report of a quote for a potential Gas customer to a text file
  • FR-11: Preserve the Gas Plan types between executions of the program

Tasks to be divided/shared between both students. The remaining parts of the program/coding should be divided/shared between each of you, including FR-1 and anything else required to complete the program so that it runs. 

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