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The key finding of the case is regarding the cultural difference which the employees are facing in the phenomenon of globalization. The cultural gap can be filled by cultural training programs. More organizations should emphasize cultural training programs. The identification of challenges being faced by the organizations while posting jobs abroad. The spouse’s and children’s sufferings are the major cause of failure for the program. The cultural training is implemented to ease the process and make the employees aware of the cultural difference and language training. The case study given is being elaborated in a detailed manner below.


The case study is related to international human resource management. As there seems to be an increase in the number of expatriates moving abroad for work. Global HRM is related to the set of activities, functions, and processes which are related to attracting, developing, and maintaining a relationship with employees at the international level (Taylor,1996). It has been observed that the trend of globalizing the employees is increasing recently. This change in the phenomenon of operating business has certain challenges and opportunities for the growth of the company. The technological advancement and generation of employees with innovative ideas are pushing the employees to work at the international level crossing the national boundaries. The international HRM offers challenges to the organization which is causing family issues. The process has proven to be beneficial for the organization but has challenges to offer for the families of the expatriates working across borders. The problems faced by the employees are cultural shock and adjustment to the different cultures. The employees are encountering frustration, loneliness, and irritation. The instability in the personality and anxiety feeling is all the symptoms faced by the employees working across national boundaries. The family of employees is suffering as well leaving them isolated and deserted. Therefore, the situation should be examined carefully and steps should be taken to counter the negative effects of the phenomenon.

Challanges & Case Analysis:

Cultural adjustment is a complicated process and takes an enormous amount of time to adjust to the environment. It is a U-shaped curve that has an initial phase of high followed by a shock and then to the recovering stage. The honeymoon phase is the stage of excitement, adventure, and exotic. The crisis stage is the one that experiences the cultural shock and frustration where the excitement level drops down and the recovery phase is the transformation from the daily routine to a new phase. The adjustment phase is the one in which the employees are capable of adapting to the new culture with a flexible approach (Unite for sight,2021).

The process of employees working across borders has increased tremendously in modern times. But the family issue remains a major factor in the failure of the process. The job posting in the international domain can bring immense satisfaction and happiness at the initial phase but the happiness declines gradually leading to depression and frustration. The process causes the main crisis to the employee’s spouse and children. As described when the honeymoon phase declines it is followed by a phase of loneliness and craving for the homeland and faced by the cultural shock phenomenon. France Kelly stated, “it would be a stage of adventure”. But it was most difficult than imagined and turned out to be the worst nightmare. The director of Global initiatives Brenda Fender stated that “for the employees to succeed, the family has a crucial role to play”. And not succeeding can be an expensive phenomenon. Organizations should provide cross-cultural training to adapt the companies to overcome the challenges faced across borders. The study has found approximately 23% of companies are implementing cross-cultural training. Cross-cultural training provides awareness to the employees regarding cultural adjustment and develops the skills to adapt to the culture. Cross-cultural training develops into an essential component of the business plan (Blog,2014). It is given to employees in relation to the cultural differences between nations and international borders. Jeanne E. Branthover is the head of global financial services recruiting firm with offices in 40 countries the financial services are an emerging recruiting market. According to Yvonne Mc Nutty, it was found that Singapore-based consultants emphasized that the greatest challenge was the loss of identity of spouses. The services such as finding apartments, training for foreign languages, and funds for personal development are provided. The employees should be given proper training with regard to the culture.

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