IFB104-Building IT Systems – IT Computer Science Assignment Help

Assessment Task 1:

Hello, I represent QUT Data Services, the company that has commissioned you to develop a computer program for Assessment Task 1. 

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Today I’m going to tell you what we want delivered for the first instalment. Ours is a data analytics company which is interested in the way objects can move around, whether under their own power or with assistance, and change their properties as they do so. We’re especially concerned by the possibility that these objects may break out of a pre-defined area.

To do this we need to visualise the movement and properties of the objects. Your job is to develop a program which takes data sets describing one such object’s movements and displays the data in a way that’s quick and easy for our analysts to interpret.

To get you started we’ve provided a template Python program which creates a drawing canvas. When you first run it you will see the following message in your development environment’s shell window.

Our data sets are highly sensitive, so for cyber security purposes we need to know who wrote the software. Accordingly, you must put your name and student number up the top before the program will work.

As you can see, when the program runs, the template creates a grid of hexagonal cells for drawing symbols. Each hexagon has sides measuring exactly 50 pixels. The complete drawing canvas is quite large, so you may need to adjust your computer’s display settings to allow it to fit on the screen.

Our data analysts use hexagonal grids because, unlike rectangular ones, with hexagons the centrepoint of each cell’s neighbours are all equidistant. This has some advantages for tracking moving objects. We haven’t yet provided you with the function that creates the data sets, which is why you get the message “No data module available” in the shell window. However you don’t need this module yet. It’s commercial-in-confidence, so we’ll supply it on an as-needed basis, after you’ve demonstrated your trustworthiness and technical skill by completing the first instalment of your solution by the end of Week 4.

The final program will draw symbols throughout the grid and our data analysts must be able to distinguish them quickly and easily wherever they appear. For now all we want you to do is to design the individual symbols. There must be four distinct symbols all showing the same object. 

This can be any animal, plant or inanimate object you like, as long as it’s clearly recognisable. The symbols must show the object with some characteristic property at four clearly distinct levels. The levels could be health, temperature, apparent age, dampness, weight, strength, height/length, structural integrity, stress/strain/pressure, state of construction/completeness, altitude, grooming/appearance, speed, or any other measurable characteristic that can go up and down and can be illustrated at four obviously different levels. To illustrate the idea we’ve asked our back-room boffins to create an example, but we want you to produce your own unique solution. For their demo the boffins chose the DC superhero “The Flash” as the object and “speed” as his significant property.

These symbols were all created using basic Turtle graphics with straight lines of various thicknesses and dots of various sizes. Your images should be around the same level of complexity. Our sample solution has the following features all of which you must duplicate:


a) The chosen object must be described in the drawing canvas’s title, “The Flash” in this case.

b) The characteristic property of the object must be described on the drawing canvas, “Speed” in this instance.

c) There must be four distinct symbols showing the object at four different levels of its characteristic property. In this case The Flash is shown moving at four speeds ranging from stationary to superspeed.

d) Each of the four levels must be described in text on the drawing canvas, for instance, “Standing still” here. The four levels must be labelled from A to D.

e) Each of the individual symbols must fit precisely into the grid’s cells.

f) Each of the individual symbols must be: non-trivial (meaning it is composed of multiple shapes); easily recognisable (meaning that it must be a reasonable approximation of whatever you’re attempting to draw in all four cases); and clearly distinct from the other three images. Trivial differences, such as the same image in four different colours or with only minor changes are not acceptable. In particular emojis, smiley mfaces and other such images composed of just a few dots will not be accepted because the individual images are too simple and the levels are not sufficiently distinct.

g) For portability of your program code, all of the symbols must be drawn using standard Turtle graphics primitives only. You may not include any separate image files with your solution and only a single Python file may be submitted.

Your job is to display your four chosen symbols on the left-hand side of our supplied canvas and to describe them appropriately, as per our demo. To do so you must add Turtle graphics code to the provided Python template program in the area marked “Student’s Solution”. All of your code must appear in, or be called from, function follow path in the place marked by the pass statement.

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