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Purpose of the Assignment:

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Your first task for this major assignment is to identify a health behaviour that you would really like to change (e.g., exercising more, drinking more water, etc.). Once identified, the purpose of this assignment is to apply the theories (learned throughout the course) to assess the relative importance of each psychological construct in your progress of changing your behaviour. In order to do this, you will have to spend some critically reflecting about the impact of each theory’s constructs on your experiences. In order to get truly in-depth information, you will need to be able to fully understand what each of the constructs means. The ultimate goal of this project is to get an understanding of the theoretical constructs in an applied, real-world setting. To help you become more critically selfreflective, a paper by Ann Cunliffe (2004) has been provided on UR Courses.

The final paper will consist of the following sections:

1. Background description of your behaviour.

Give some background information about yourself (e.g., age, gender, marital status, etc.) and the behaviour you want to change. Have you tried to change this behaviour before? What is your motive for changing this behaviour?

2. Review the empirical evidence of the behaviour.

This section is a review of the health psychology literature surrounding your target behaviour. Synthesize, discuss, and critique the research and empirical evidence that exists. For example, if you are trying to quit smoking, what does the existing research suggest are some important psychological factors in these attempts? Is there any research that describes the benefits of specific interventions based on psychological theories? You will need to look through different databases (through the library) to find this information. It is not recommended that you rely on information from the internet (except if you use Google Scholar) – you will need to look for published, peer-reviewed, empirical evidence. You will use the information you provide in this KIN 370.

3. Application of theory to your behaviour change.

In this section, you will discuss the relative importance each of the psychological constructs and theories discussed throughout the course had on your attempt to change your behaviour. In order to write this section, you need to synthesize your reflections in order to find out if some constructs or theories were more beneficial in your attempt to change your behaviour. Why? Were some constructs or theories not even a factor? Why? The following sections on recommendations will flow from this analysis and your comparison to the already published research you discussed in the previous section.

4. Provide recommendations for theory/research.

In this section, provide recommendations for theory and future research. Given what you have reflected on over the course of the semester and your knowledge of the theories that we have discussed, is there one theory that you prefer? Why? If not, why not? Did it seem that some constructs were duplicated? Do you see a more efficient theory to help explain behaviour change emerging from your application of all the constructs?

5. Provide recommendations for interventions.

In this section, provide recommendations for designing an intervention that you would use to help other people change this behaviour. You will need to explain WHY you are making these recommendations (e.g., are they theory based?). Did you develop any behavioural change strategies during the course of the semester? If so, WHY did you use that information (e.g., was it theory based?). An extremely important aspect of this section is to link your recommendations to theory. Opinions are great as long as they are linked to theory.

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