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Assignment Task


Carefully read the following scenario.

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King Edward VII College is a training company that offers in class and distance education training programs. Currently they conduct lessons either in classrooms within the campus or for remote students, an electronic course which compromises of study notes and a personal tutor available via email and, at specific times, via a secure chat service. King Edward VII College business is increasing in regional areas, which means their distance education arm is growing and they need to enhance their operation to cope with the demand. They have identified the lack of face-to-face teaching as their biggest threat to success and have decided to add a live streaming service to their product offering to mitigate the risk of falling enrolments. Assume you are a Telecommunication Project Consultant and you have been asked by the CEO, as well as the College’s Planning Committee to take on this project and to develop a detailed design brief.

1. Prepare a preliminary design brief.

Carefully review the above information and the Project Brief and Plan provided to you. 

You are required to develop a preliminary design brief to discuss with the client (the CEO of King Edward VII College) at a meeting. 

Your preliminary design brief should include: 

  • A summary of the project to confirm your understanding the client’s requirements as per the project brief and plan. 
  • An outline of legislation, codes and regulations that impact on the project and how they impact. 
  • You should identify at least one of each. · The enhancements that will need to be made to the existing networks based on the project brief and plan.
  • You will need to explore this further at the meeting with the client. 
  • Your timelines for developing the design plan such that the project timelines can be met.
  • A list of all the resources that you will need for the design brief. Use Preliminary Design Brief Template. You will take your report to the initial meeting with the client.

Assessment Task 1 .

1. Explain three common telecommunications applications. For each application, describe at least two types equipment that can be used for this application.

2. Give one advantage and one disadvantage of using optic fibre for telecommunications transmission.Give at least one practical example of where you would choose Fibre optic over copper?.

3. Explain how a cost benefit analysis can assist with identifying cost effective solutions when developing a design brief.

4. Explain the main objective of the Telecommunications Act 1997.

5. Explain two key rights land owners and occupiers under the Telecommunications Act.

6. Explain the main objective of the Telecommunications Code of Practice 2018.

7. Explain why it is important to review client premises equipment (CPE) as part of a design brief project. Give four example of CPE you may review.

8. Explain the environment impact of ICT installations and outline two options for options for green ICT installations.

9. Name three types of bus topology and explain the main advantage of each.

10. Outline work health and safety (WHS) issues below and their relevance to a design brief:

11. Explain why it is important to review the power requirements and electrical safety of a project.

12. Explain the main difference between using 5G and 4G networks with respect mobile app usage.

13. Explain what a LAN test will verify and in what environment you would use it?

14. Where would you use a telephone line tester?

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