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This assessment addresses the following Unit Learning Outcomes:

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1. Demonstrate written, oral and interpersonal communication skills.

2. Appreciate and show knowledge of the ethical issues underpinning the information technology industry, by: 

a. examining and applying relevant ethical codes in given situations

3. Understand and apply the rules of academic integrity, by:

a. adhering to the principles of referencing and applying a citation method to these principles; and
b. respecting the importance of the validity of sources used.

The Case

Recently the government of Marsa decided to develop a mobile app known as ‘MedOne’ which will be the integral part of the Privacy Controlled Electronic Health Record System (PCEHR) of Marsa (you can study more about a typical PCEHR from the links provided at the end). This app will provide the user interface for patients, doctors, government, and other health professionals including medical insurance companies. A centralised database will store the medical data of all the citizens. As the medical data is very sensitive and its privacy preservation is a legal obligation, the data must be handled very carefully. Various cryptographic algorithms and strict security policies are needed to be applied to protect from any breaching.

Some of the citizens including the opposition leaders are very much concerned about the privacy breaching since the Marsa government has the previous track record of breaching citizen’s privacy e.g. release of income and taxation data.

The government wants to deploy the app several months before the upcoming election as this might be considered as a success of the government. One of the leading software development company named, ‘OmniSoft’ got the contract to develop the app including the database server and all related supporting systems. Employees of OmniSoft have diverse skill who are originated from nearby countries in the region. David, Paul, and Maggie are some of such employees working in OmniSoft for some years.

You are asked to consider yourself in the role of those person as mentioned below:

Person 01: David (Programmer- Analyst).

You have been working as a programmer-analyst at the company that developed the app. You know that the parts of the application you developed were coded well and tested very thoroughly. There are some other parts of the application where you think security might be an issue. You are, however, not an expert in security and when you discussed it with your friend Brian, who “knows a bit” about security, he told you there were no issues. You are not convinced. What will you do?

Person 02: Paul (Project Manager).

You are project manager of the MedOne app development. You are hoping that it will be finished soon because you really want to leave Marsa and return to your home country, but your contract is such that once the app is released, you will receive a bonus of several million Marsa Dollar (unit of currency). You are concerned about some of the deals that were done for the company to win the contract for MedOne, and think that many of the app developers do not have the skills to be able to develop a safe, secure and working app. However, the app development is sticking to the project timeline, and the internal testing results you have seen have been positive. You remain unconvinced, and would like to get an outside consultancy to test the app. This will result in increased development costs, and delay in the release date. What will you do?

Person 03: Maggie (CEO).

You are the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of OmniSoft. You have been told by your cousin, who is the Prime Minister’s bodyguard, that the app must be released on time regardless of whether or not it works perfectly. This is an election year, and in order to maintain a lead in the polls and increase the chance of re-election, the government must be seen to be doing something positive. If the app is not released on time, it is possible the company will be fined, and that fine will be large enough to put the company out of business and all of the employees out of work. What will you do?

What you need to do:

Analyse the case from the perspectives of David, Paul and Maggie. You should do this by applying the Decision-Making process from Reynolds (2015) that was discussed in Tutorial 8.

As you will not have an opportunity to implement or evaluate your decision, your analyses should only address the first three steps. You should be writing between 1 and 2 pages for each of the analyses (i.e., 1-2 pages for David, 1-2 pages for Paul and 1-2 pages for Maggie).

In analysing the cases, make sure that you:

– Refer to the ACS Code of Professional Conduct

  • When discussing the issues/alternatives you should refer to the specific statements in the Code (e.g., don’t just refer to “Professionalism”, but be more specific by referring to 1.2.6(a) “Take a calm, objective….”)
  • You should also feel free to refer to other relevant codes of ethics if you think they may help or be more specific (if you do, make sure that you cite them correctly and include the reference details)

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