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Assignment Task


Confirm Physical Health Status

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Purpose of the assessment

This assessment task is designed to evaluate student’s following skills and abilities: 

  • Understanding the process of checking clients health status.
  • Knowledge of potential risk factors for common illnesses.
  • Knowledge of appropriate referral services.

Task instructions
Please read through the following case studies.  Reflect on your learning and your own research to ensure your responses are satisfactory.  You should consult a range of learning resources and other information such as handouts, textbooks, learner resources etc.  Your responses must reflect your knowledge, skills, and application for this unit.  

  • This is an individual assessment. 
  • You must answer the question as per the client scenarios given in the case studies.
  • All questions must be answered in order to gain competency for this assessment.

Task 1 Case study 1
Martha is an 83-year-old woman who has been cared by for her daughter in her daughter’s home over the last five years. Martha has dementia and is getting progressively more forgetful and confused. Martha’s daughter reports to you that Martha has been visiting the doctor more frequently due to deterioration in her overall health. Martha has not only been diagnosed with dementia, but she also has ongoing issues with her breathing. Her doctor has indicated that she may have chronic bronchitis; however, this requires an official diagnosis, something Martha has not yet agreed to.  It has come time for Martha to be cared for by professionals as her daughter is unable to keep up with the medications and the monitoring Martha requires.  Martha’s daughter is visibly upset during your meeting, stating that she feels like she is failing her mother, and she never wanted to put her in a home.  In the meeting with Martha, Martha complains of a sore tooth.

1. Identify how you can obtain further information to check Martha’s health status using your knowledge of the body systems. 
2. Describe any actual and potential problems for Martha. 
3. What interventions may be suitable in this situation to improve Martha’s health status? 
4. Identify the people you could clarify the significance of Martha’s health issues with if you were uncertain or it was outside the scope of your role. 
5. From the list of people identified in Question 4 complete the table below identifying two and clarifying their roles, responsibilities, and limitations in confirming Martha’s health status.
6. Explain the potential risk factors of Martha’s current health status including dementia and breathing issues.
7. Provide the list of services Martha will be referred to and the role and responsibility of each will play in confirming her health status
8. Provide the information for appropriate health and dental services in your local area, including in-home care and respite services. 

Task 2 – Case study 2
You are a community support worker for the local council that provides in-home care for the elderly where required. You have just met with Paul for the first time and begin to gather some information about Paul and his health status. Paul tells you that he has recently been diagnosed with diabetes and he is concerned this will impact the level of independence he has. Paul is in remission from cancer and so far, all his tests are looking positive for staying cancer free. Paul currently lives on his own although discloses to you that he is finding it difficult to keep up with the bills of running his home. Paul has two children that live a few hours away and only come to visit every six or so weeks. Paul was reluctant to meet with you at first however he tells you that he is glad that he did and feels comfortable talking to you.

1. Describe how you could identify the cause of Paul’s diabetes, including family history and environmental factors. 
2. Confirm which body systems Paul’s diabetes may affect and how this could impact Paul’s overall health. 
3. Given Paul’s recent diabetes diagnosis and you not being a diabetes specialist, what could you do to support Paul in learning more about this disease? 

Task 3 – Knowledge questions
Carefully read through each question posed.  Reflect on your learning unit and your own research. To fully demonstrate your knowledge in this area of study each knowledge question will specify the number of words required for your response.
Please note: Where the word count is not met, your submission will be returned to you for re-working.

1. Describe the five (5) different structural levels of the human body system. 
2. Describe each of the life processes displayed in the picture below. 
3. Explain the term homeostasis. 
4. Outline the relationship between homeostatic imbalance and disease. 5. For each of the body systems listed below please describe the structure and function of each. 
a. Cells, tissues, and organs 
b. Cardiovascular system
c. Respiratory system
d. Musculoskeletal system
e. Endocrine system
f. Digestive system
g. Urinary system
h. Reproductive system
i.Integumentary system
j. Lymphatic system
k. Nervous system, including sensory systems -eyes and ears
l. The special senses (taste, vision, equilibrium & hearing)
m. Immune system

6. Provide definitions for the following anatomical and medical terminology in relation to the human body. 
a. Anatomical position
b. Abdominopelvic cavity
c. Caudal
d. Frontal plane
e. Anterior cavity 
f. Cranial cavity
g. Proximal

7. Complete the table below by identifying a common problem and the signs or symptoms for each body system.  
8. Define pharmacology and contraindication. Include an example of contraindicationin relation to health. 
9. Explain how the reproductive, nervous and endocrine systems interact. 

10.Describe how physical, mental and emotional issues can be the cause of disease. 

11.  Describe the key features of each of the following causes of disease. 
b.Inherited genetic conditions
c.Trauma, toxins and other environmental factors
d.Nutritional factors
e.Impacts caused by health interventions
f.Degenerative changes in vital organ systems
g.The loss of normal control mechanisms

12. There are four (4) major types of cellular adaption. 

13. Describe each of the following processes 
a. Metabolism
b. Nutrition 
c. Body temperature regulation 
d. Biological maturation 
e. Inheritance and aging

14. Describe gum disease and the different stages of gum disease. 
15.Describe four (4) oral health issues we may see in patients. Include issues related to edentulous (having no natural teeth) and dentate (having natural teeth). 
16. Clarify how you can identify variations from normal functioning in clients. 

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