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Assignment Task


Question 1 
John Dewey (1859–1952) applied pragmatist philosophy in his progressive approaches. Pragmatists believe that only things we experience or observe are real. They further believe that reality constantly changes and that we learn best by applying our experiences and thought to solve problems.
Imagine that you are a qualified teacher who applies the principles of pragmatism in your classroom, particularly ‘learning by doing’. You are called on to compile an instructional guide that other teachers who want to follow suit can use. You may use any format for the guide.

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Compile an instructional guide in which you:

  • Provide a short, but clear explanation of the basic premises of pragmatism;
  • Highlight the relevance of pragmatism in today’s classrooms;
  • Provide practical guidance to other teachers in terms of applying ‘learning by doing’;
  • Provide examples of methods associated with pragmatism that you employ in your classroom. Pragmatist methods include, but are not limited to, ‘hands-on problem solving’, experimenting, group work and projects.

Question 2 
Research suggests that caring relationships between teachers and learners have a huge positive impact on a learner’s educational experience. In the prescribed reading below, Nel Noddings describes relational caring from the perspective of care ethics. 

Review the prescribed reading. Then study the following scenario:

Dealing with bullying in a school context
It’s a busy Friday afternoon at Pandora High School where you are a teacher. It’s been a tough week with many demands on your attention, tests to mark, new work to start with the learners and a number of administrative tasks for the school management team. You’re looking forward to the weekend, so you can relax a little. One of your learners, Nonsebo, comes to tell you that a situation has developed between two classmates that involve the infraction of school rules. Nonsebo tells you that one of your learners, Kondi, has been bullying another learner, Eugenia, by hiding her books and notes. As this matter has been reported to you as the teacher in charge, you have to respond. (Petersen, N. and Osman, R. 2010: 16)

Based on the elements of relational caring that Noddings addresses in the article, i.e. listening, thinking and creating a climate for caring, write a short essay in which you apply these elements within the context of the scenario. Explain how you will use each of the elements in approaching
and addressing the dilemma set out in the scenario. Your explanation must include a short overview of each of the elements and its role in applying relational caring. Use examples from the scenario to illustrate and support your arguments.
Please note: You are required to reference the sources you consult. Your essay should be at least one and a half pages but no more than two pages or 800 –1 000 words in length. Please use the assessment grid for Question 2 below to evaluate your own work prior to submitting your assignment.

Question 3 
Critical educational theorist Paulo Freire has argued for a move away from education as transmission or depositing facts to more learner-centred and progressive approaches in which classrooms are democratic environments. One of the implications is that the practice of teaching and learning is established by two equal participants. Write a short essay in which you discuss the notion of equality between teachers and learners in the classroom and why learners must be empowered to actively construct their own knowledge. Relate the underlying principles and the implications of critical theory to your arguments. Include examples of particular teaching practices that may embrace democracy.

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