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Fathers of Federation ( At definin -moments resources federati 1 ) Australia in the late 19th century consisted of six self-governing British colonies, subject to the British Parliament. Each colony had its own, often quite distinct, laws, railway gauge, postage stamps and tariffs. Problems caused by these differences led to discussions about the benefits of uniting as a nation, under a federal system of governance. In addition, matters of defence, foreign policy, immigration, trade, transport and national pride were growing in importance among the colonies.

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Many people were involved in the drive for Federation however some played a more significant role than others. Australia became a nation on 1 January 1901 when the British Parliament passed legislation enabling the six Australian colonies to collectively govern in their own right as the Commonwealth of Australia.

It was a remarkable political accomplishment that had taken many years and several referenda to achieve.


Choose a key figure in the development of Australian democracy prior to 1901 to research. Examples include Sir Alfred Deakin, John Quick, Andrew Inglis Clark, Lachlan Macquarie, Peter Lalor, Sir Henry Parkes, Samuel Griffith, Charles Kingston, George Reid, Richard Baker, Robert Randolph Garron, Edmund Barton.


  • When and where was he born?
  • Write about his character and his career.
  • What was his opinion of Federation and the constitution?
  • Report on what he did to affect (influence) change in the development of Australian democracy, its significance in history and whether society changed as a consequence.
  • Imagine you were a media reporter at the time of Federation. Write three questions you will ask your selected significant person.
  • Draw a timeline showing major events in his life.

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