Examine formal leadership theories and compare these theories to behaviors you have observed firsthand and discuss their effectiveness in impacting your organization

Leadership theories define the leadership philosophies that guide the performance of any healthcare provider. This task looks at the role that nursing leadership theories play in improving healthcare performance.

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Formal Leadership Theories

There are many leadership theories that have shaped the field of nursing. One such theory is the transactional leadership theory which is a behavioral model that uses motivation and rewards to improve the productivity of workers (Halpin et al., 2018). Some of the motivation’s nurses are given include autonomy, decision-making powers, flexible work schedules among others. Another leadership theory is transformational leadership theory which requires that nurse leaders stimulate other nurses to share a common vision for the organization.

The first-hand experience I have is with a nurse leader who involves other nurses in setting performance targets and making key decisions that impact the overall performance of the organization (Shayan, Kiwanuka & Nakaye, 2019). This move has developed nurses that are self-driven and motivated to delivery quality care.

Define the laws of demand and supply. Give at least one example

Insights from the Selected Scholarly Resources

A lot can be exemplified from the selected scholarly resources. The first insight is that the leader’s role in a healthcare organization is key for the organization’s success. Secondly, the leadership style will either motivate or demotivate employees in undertaking their responsibilities (Fawaz et al., 2018). Thirdly, training programs form the basis of having healthcare providers who are ready to provide patient-centered care.

A leader that has Exemplified Such Insights

There are many leaders that have demonstrated some of the traits shown in the articles. One such leader is Jeff Bezos the founder of Amazon who is regarded as an example of transformational leadership. According to his philosophy, building on smaller goals can help an organization to make greater strides. Therefore, small positive contribution from employees will eventually result in a significant positive influence in an entire organization.

The Extend through which the Skills were Effective

The skill employed by Jeff Bezos has seen Amazon be one of the biggest companies with a remarkable net worth. This shows that transformational leadership can be extended to nursing practice where optimal performance of nurses can be explored.

What are the biggest challenges companies face today with regards to compensation?

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