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Control System Design,Simulation and Evaluation

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Module outcomes assessed    
1. Designand/or modify,using computer aided techniques, a control system to aspecified performance usingthe state space approach.
2. Control system design and evaluation, engineering professional codes of conduct and ethical conduct incontrol engineering, control system reliability, operation risks, environmental and commercial risks, health andsafety.

Adviceson Report Presentation
Statements from other authors and theory must be referenced. Each page of text should include a number of references, i.e., every time you refer to someone’s idea or theory.Please use IEEE reference format foryour references. Use reliable sources for references, such as text books, journals and websites recommended in your module scheme. Wikipedia is not a validated reference and there foremay not bereliable. If you include a diagram,referto it inthetext, explainwhat it means,and referenceit.Place large amounts of referenced text in an Appendix, and reference it. Appendix text is not included in the word count. Use passive voicein your report.

Your conclusions should flow logically from the investigation and discussion of issues.UseTurnitinon Moodleforplagiarism checkof yourreportbeforeyoursubmission.
Thetablein page fiveshows the assessment markingcriteriafor this assignment
Complete your report on A4 size paper; the report can be typed or hand written/scanned. Your submission must be in a single PDF or Word document containing your assignment and a declaration. The declaration must be on the front page and include a statement confirming that you have completed the assignment independently. The front page musthave your full name, student ID number, module title and date. No appendices are required. Please submit the assignment online (Moodle) via the appropriate submission pointon theENG60J module space.

Hints and tips
All submitted work is expected to observe academic standards in terms of referencing,academic writing,use of language etc. Failuretoadheretotheseinstructionsmayresultinyour work being awarded alower grade than it would other wise deserve.

Marking and moderation
Marks will be awarded for the technical content of your case study and the quality of how your work is presented. 1st marking will be by Maria Kochneva, internal verification will be by an appropriate member of the academic team. The external examiner will have an opportunity to sample the work prior to the academic board.Grading criteria are included in the assignment brief.

Assignment Tasks Details
During the refurbishment of a petro chemical plant, it is required to re-tune and redesign the controllers of problematic parts of the plant.
It has been verified that the dynamic process to be controlled mainly consists of a plant dynamic and an actuator dynamic as shown in Figure 1below.

plant dynamic and an actuator dynamic as shown in Figure 1 below

In this assessment, as an engineer/consultant in a consultancy company you have been requested by a project manager to write a proposal on the control system design. In the proposal,you will review different control system design methods suitable for the task, use a control system design method to design control laws for the process, and present your analysis and evaluations of the proposed designs. This must be written as a technical manner to the project manager (who has an engineering background).

Candidates will use library facilities, IT facilities and facilities in industries to conduct research on different control system design approaches and carry out control system design. The short technical report (about 2000 words, excluding appendix text) on your proposal will comprise of:

  • Introduction to your report;
  • Review on different control design methods and different control systems,including engineering professional codes of conduct and ethical conduct incontrol engineering, control system reliability, operation risks, environmentalandcommercial risks, health and safety;
  • Control law design (to achieve the controlled system with the rise-time lessthan 2.0 sec, zero steady state error, and the settling time less than 4.0 sec),simulation,and evaluation;
  • Propose a computer control system implementation;
  • Discussion and conclusion of your proposal.

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