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Question 1.

Suppose you work as an economic analyst in a large research organisation. Monitoring and interpreting macroeconomic data are a routine part of your job. Suppose you are asked to analyse the trends in GDP in several developed and developing countries. 

a) Collect and present (in a line-graph format) the annual data for GDP per capita (in constant U.S. dollar) for the USA, Australia, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, China, and India for the 1960- 2019 period. Use a graphing tool in Excel or a similar application to create GDP per capita line graphs for all countries in one chart.

N.B. Your chart should display a descriptive title, axis labels, a key and a brief data source below the chart. (e.g. source: World Bank, 2020 and/or OECD, 2020). A good source of reliable international data is the Data Bank of the World Bank:

b) Collect data (from the same source as above) for GDP per capita growth for all the seven countries for 1961-2019. Use these data to compute the average growth rate of GDP per capita for each country. Report average growth rates of GDP per capita for seven countries in a table. Please don’t report growth rates for all the years; we just need the average growth rates over 1961 to 2019 for each country.

c) Based on your answers to (a) and (b), what similarities and differences do you observe in these seven countries? Is there any catch-up effect?

d) India’s GDP per capita remained lower compared to the other six countries. Discuss three reasons why India’s growth rate and GDP per capita might have remained relatively low. Cite appropriate references if you use any data/information to support your answer. 

Question 2.

Consider the following statement:

“Demand management policies, such as fiscal and monetary policies do not matter for growth in the long run as economic growth mainly depends on productivity growth.”

Do you agree with this statement? 

Question 3.

Suppose you work as an economic analyst in a large research organisation. Unemployment is a key statistic that both government and large investors closely follow to determine how best to implement future economic policies and investment decisions. Go to FRED of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis website and view the Harmonized Unemployment Rate: Total: All Persons for the European Union. Click on the max button, and a graph will show the unemployment rate in the European Union (EU) since 2000. Also using FRED find the Real Gross Domestic Product for European Union (28 countries) and plot the series from 2000.

a. Plot the two series. Does the behaviour of the unemployment rate illustrate the principle of co-movement discussed in the chapter? Why or why not?

b. Economic variables are sometimes divided into “leading indicators” and “lagging indicators.” Leading indicators are variables that start to change before an economic expansion or contraction. Lagging indicators change only when an expansion or contraction is well underway. Based on the graph of the unemployment rate, is unemployment a leading or lagging indicator of recessions? Explain. How can we use this information when providing advice to a company that sells goods to consumers?

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