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Assignment Task


Contexts of Mental Health Counselling

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Brief task description
Write an essay analysing the access issues to mental health care services for one Australian population group.

Rationale for assessment task
Access to mental health care services may fluctuate according to the Australian population group may affect access. This paper provides you with the opportunity to choose one Australian population group of interest and assess their access issues. You will assess the role of 3 professions in supporting the population group and your referral process to such professions.

Inherent requirements
As professionals, counsellors act ethically, write professionally, synthesise information from clients and research, and demonstrate reliability and punctuality for appointments and activities related to counselling.

This assessment addresses the following inherent requirements for counselling professionals:

Domain 1: Ethical behaviour — The student will demonstrate integrity, academic honesty, and due diligence in the research and preparation of this assessment.

Domain 4c: Written communication — The student will construct a coherent, accurate, and clearly expressed written essay reflecting academic conventions and style, appropriate to the intended audience and context.

Domain 5: Cognition — The student will demonstrate resourcefulness in locating relevant information, will be able to evaluate the information, and integrate and conceptualise the information as it relates to counselling practice.

Domain 5a: Literacy — The student will demonstrate capacity to interpret and comprehend information from multiple sources.

Domain 8: Sustainable performance — The student will demonstrate effective time management and planning to meet the assessment’s deadline commitments.

Course learning outcomes assessed
4. Articulate an advanced and synthesised knowledge of the rights of people with mental health issues and their carers, and ways to promote access to and participation in services provided for the care of these mental health consumers

5. Critically analyse the principles of inter-professional practice in mental health service provision, and the contribution of each professional group to effective service provision.

Task detail Task: Write an essay on access issues to mental health care services for one of the following Australian population groups:
LGBTQI+ community
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
Refugees and Migrants
Older adults
People with disabilities.


Title: Understanding the context for a specific population

Introduction: Your introduction provides an overview of the topic, why the topic is relevant for counsellors, and introduces the central thesis.

Topic description: Describe the population group and their demographics. Analyse their access, including barriers, to mental health care services. Discuss the roles that 3 of the following 5 professions play in this provision: GPs; Social workers; Clinical Psychologists; Mental Health Nurses; Occupational Therapists.

Research justification: Key research into the access issues of the population group and the 3 professions, at least five references including access and barriers for the population group and documents for the profession that link to your population group, are highlighted, discussed, analysed, and incorporated into your discussion.

Application: Discuss the relevance for counsellors of knowing population access issues and professions who can support them to obtain assistance for clients. Note how you can refer appropriately in your professional practice

Conclusion: Your conclusion will summarise the thesis, key evidence and arguments raised in the paper. 

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