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Assignment Task


For this assignment, you are required to develop a Menu Driven Console Java Program to demonstrate you can use Java constructs including input/output via the console, Java primitive and built-in types, Java defined objects, arrays, selection and looping statements and various other Java commands. Your program must produce the correct results. The code for the menu and option selection is supplied: and is available on the unit website, you must write the underlying code to implement the program. The menu selections are linked to appropriate methods in the given code. Please spend a bit of time looking at the given code to familiarise yourself with it and where you must complete the code. You will need to write comments in the supplied code as well as your own additions.

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Assignment Specification
You have completed the assignment one console program for processing bookings for Rocky Blues School. We are going to extend this application so the booking names, number of lessons and guitar purchase can be stored in an array of objects, do not use ArrayList.
The program will run via a menu of options, the file has been supplied (via the Moodle web site) which supplies the basic functionality of the menu system. Look at the code supplied and trace the execution and you will see the menu is linked to blank methods (stubs) which you will implement the various choices in the menu.

Booking class
First step is to create a class called Booking (

The Booking class will be very simple it will contain three private instance variables:

  • bookingName as a String
  • lessons as an integer
  • purchaseGuitar as boolean

The numeric literal values maximum booking, minimum lessons (i.e. one), the different discount levels and discount values, guitar cost and lesson charge must be represented as constants.

The following public methods will have to be implemented:

  • A default constructor
  • A parameterised constructor
  • Three set methods (mutators)
  • Three get methods (accessors)
  • A method to calculate and return the charge for the booking – calculateCharge(). This calculation will be the same as in assignment one. Use constants for all numeric literals.

You should use the following method header:
public double calculateCharge()
Note: you do not need to pass lessons or purchaseGuitar as parameters as you can access the instance
variables directly within the class.The Rocky Blues School offers personal blues guitar lessons for people in the Rockhampton region. The lessons are in half hour blocks.

The cost of a lesson is $29.95.
To encourage students to book more lessons, the management has decided to give a ten percent discount for a booking with more than five lessons and a twenty percent discount with a booking of more than ten lessons on the total lesson charge (not for the purchase of a guitar see below).
Rocky Blues also offers the students a chance to purchase a guitar for $199.00.

This is the same as assignment one.
Note: Following basic database principles, calculated values are not usually stored, so in this case we will not store the charge as a instance variable, but use the calculateCharge() method when we want to determine the charge.

Rocky Blues Menu class
Once the Booking class is implemented and fully tested, we can now start to implement the functionality of the menu system.

Data structures
For this assignment we are going to store the booking names and number of lessons and the purchaseGuitar boolean value in an array of Booking objects.
Declare an array of Booking objects as an instance variable of RockyBluesMenu class the array should hold ten bookings.
You will need another instance variable (integer) to keep track of the number of the bookings being entered and use this for the index into the array of Booking objects.

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