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Concrete Structures (UG)

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Design Brief
Figure 1 represents the floor plan of a residential building to be constructed in Paramatta. The building is designed as a two-storey building. Your team is assigned to design all the columns, floor slabs, beams as shown in Figure 1 and 2. 

Design Information and Requirements

  • Concrete compressive strength, f’c = 32 MPa (You are allowed to increase f’c if needed).
  • Reinforcing steel strength, fy = 500 MPa (Use N Class bar).
  • Concrete density = 24 kN/m3.
  • Columns are 500 mm x 500 mm.
  • Beam widths are fixed at 500 mm.
  • Maximum beam depths should not exceed 1000 mm (You are allowed to increase depth if needed).
  • Slab depth is 200 mm.
  • Concrete slabs are supposed to be built monolithically with the supporting beams therefore the beams must be designed as L or T-beams.
  • All the outer beams must be designed as continuous beams.
  • All the calculations must be presented in the report.

Part 1: Load Combinations: 
a) Determine the load combinations for loads using AS/NZS 1170.0 and 1170.1.
b) Provide the required bending moment, shear and axial force diagrams for the beams, slabs and columns.
c) Determine the critical design actions such as M* bending moment, V* shear and N* axial forces for slab, column and beam designs for both serviceability and strength limit states. 

Part 2: Analysis and Design: 
Design all the required members such as the floor slabs, columns and beams and provide adequate drawings or sketches showing elevations and cross-sections for each member.
a) Floor slabs 
b) Columns 
c) Beams 
d) Detailing, report presentation and group management 

Additional Information
All design and detailing are to be in accordance with AS 3600.
All loads are to be determined using AS/NZS 1170.0 and 1170.1. 

Presentation of the Assignment

  • It should be legible and logically arranged. A typical presentation would contain, in order: a title page including names of structural engineers involved in the design, detailing of structural elements in applicable sections, supporting calculations in each section, and appendices containing any appropriate technical information.
  • Typing is not required, or necessary but neatness and clear presentation is important. 
  • All material should be securely bound into an A4 sized booklet. Where A3 sized
  • drawings have been used, they should be folded down to A4 size with appropriate title blocks in the bottom right-hand corners facing up.
  • You are required to prepare and submit a group assignment showing independence in design. Your submitted design should contain no evidence of copying as this is against University Rules relating to Academic Misconduct. 

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