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Answer ALL parts of this question.
1) a) This part of the question concerns the four molecules shown below: the natural product dopamine.

concerns the four molecules shown below: the natural product dopamine

i) Assuming the pKa of dopamine (1) to be 8.9, calculate the %ionisation of (1) at a pH of 7.4.

ii) Define the Lipinski “Rule of 5”. If log P for trans-(2) is 1.11 and for (3) is 0.03, do these two molecules obey the “Rule of 5”? Should you be concerned by either log P value? Explain your reasoning.

[You may assume that C = 12; H = 1; N = 14; O = 16].

iii) Suggest three possible ways in which (1) could interact with a receptor.

iv) After extensive testing, it is found that trans-(2) is biologically active to the dopamine receptor, but cis-(2) is completely inactive. Based on this information, predict which of (3) or (4) is likely to be a better agonist for the dopamine receptor.

v) Suggest three potential sites of metabolism in (4), clearly indicating what conversion may take place at that position.

2) Write short notes on three of the following topics. Your answers should be illustrated with appropriate examples.

i) The importance of considering hERG in drug discovery.

ii) The use of prodrugs.

iii) Methods to increase resistance to Phase 1 metabolism.

iv) Common issues faced when taking a lead compound from the laboratory to a manufacturing route.

3) List the different types of epileptic seizures and briefly describe the known mechanisms of action and targeted approaches to the treatment of epilepsy. Give NAMED drug examples to illustrate your answer.

4) Answer both parts of this question.

The prediction of the response of a patient to a medicine depends upon the patient’s genetic make-up and upon environmental factors such as a patients’ microbiome.

a) Describe three key ways in which genetic variation can affect a patient’s response to a drug and illustrate with examples as far as possible.

b) Explain in what way environmental factors such as variation in a patients’ microbiome can affect their response to a drug

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