CHCCCS007-Develop and Implement Service Programs Analysis – Arts & Humanities Assignment Help

Develop and Implement Service Programs

Purpose of assessment
The assessments for this unit have been designed to ensure you are able to competently demonstrate your knowledge and skills for each of the elements and performance criteria as well as the required knowledge and skills for this unit.

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Context of assessment:

  • This assessment will require you to demonstrate your knowledge of program planning principles, supports required and requirements of specific user groups and individuals
  • You are required to write a response to each of the identified questions by logging in to Moodle and recording your answers in the space provided. The approximate word limit for each question is identified within the question.
  • This assessment needs to be conducted in your own time as part of your self-paced learning.
  • An EQUALS assessor will review your response to each question in Moodle to ensure you have met the criteria of this assessment and determine your assessment outcome.

Planning the assessment:

  • You may be required to undertake some individual research to answer some of the identified questions.
  • Time allowed for assessment is 3 – 4 hours. This is a guide only and you may be allowed more or less time to complete this assessment task.
  • You are advised of this assessment during session 1. All questions are to be answered by the designated due date.
  • You will be directed to undertake this assessment in your own time and/or during class time, if time permits.
  • You will receive feedback to your questions through Moodle and your final results of this assessment will be recorded on the Summary of Assessment Tool. 

Required Documents and equipment

  • Access to a computer with internet access to log in to Moodle
  • Relevant resources and handouts associated with this unit.

Assessment Task – Knowledge Questions

  • Question 1 – Describe at least three steps you would take to develop a consumer participation plan that incorporates a complaints procedure in a youth welfare service.
  • Question 2 – What are two strategies to ensure service users are supported based on their individual needs at all levels of program planning?
  • Question 3 – Identify two barriers that may prevent service-user participation and explain how you would overcome each of these
  • Question 4 – List two ways you could consult with people accessing your service.
  • Question 5 – Identify two strategies for consulting and collaborating with other services
  • Question 6 – What is meant by ‘multifaceted needs’?
  • Question 7 – What codes, standards or legislation may impact on the community services area you plan to work in? Identify one of each.
  • Question 8 – What other parts of the organisation’s work may impact on service delivery?
  • Question 9 – Identify two internal and two external stakeholders whose input into program planning you consider is important.
  • Question 10 – Describe two different service-user groups that may have specific requirements.
  • Question 11 – What are two ways of formally engaging service users in management processes?
  • Question 12 – List two ways of incorporating individual differences, rights and needs into planning.
  • Question 13 – Identify two strategies for integrating other service areas or providers into the planning process.
  • Question 14 – List three strategies (one for each) that you can use to identify financial, human and physical resource requirements when planning.
  • Question 15 – What is the name of the funding process used by governments in Australia and what is an alternative funding framework also used by community services organisations and programs?
  • Question 16 – What are two ways you could obtain feedback from service users?
  • Question 17 – Describe the stages of monitoring a program.
  • Question 18 – How does evaluation feed into continuous improvement?
  • Question 19 – How can you ensure risks are addressed when delivering a new program?
  • Question 20 – Identify a template tool that can be used to document a program plan and list its components

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