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Case study 1:

You are the Assistant Director at Early Learning Centre, and you just received notification from the Regulatory Authority that your service is beginning the assessment process. The letter explains that the Quality Improvement Plan is due in three weeks, and the assessment visit will be conducted within the next six weeks. 
You have been asked to assist with getting the team ready for assessment. This includes planning and facilitating a staff meeting/training about the National Quality Framework and assessment process. 

The service has only been in operation for one year, and the staff team and educational team are new to it. Many team members have not previously worked in Early Education and Care, so they are not familiar with the assessment process or the National Quality Framework and feel nervous. 

The Quality Improvement Plan is not up to date. It is important that there is an opportunity for staff to be involved in the self-assessment process during the staff meeting. This includes them identifying current strengths of the service and areas for improvement. It is also important that they are aware of the current goals of the service.

Question 1.1

Describe how you would facilitate the meeting/training and what you would do to ensure the team are confident going into the Assessment process.

Question 1.2

Explain how you would ensure the service continues to prepare for assessment following the meeting by detailing follow up meetings and tasks you would complete. Explain who would be involved. 

Case Study 2: Respond to a written complaint:

You are working as the Centre Manager of, and you are the Nominated Supervisor of the service. 
The service uses an online programming platform to communicate with families and share information and photos. 
You are checking your emails, and you read the one below. It is from a mother of one of the children in the Valley Oak Room. 

Dear (your name), 
I am writing to share my absolute disgust about the fact that my child (name) was photographed picking her nose in a photo sent to all families last night. 
Now I want to know what on earth went on when the staff chose to share a photo with her in the background, clearly having a private moment. 

I am embarrassed for her and feel that you have let her down. How dare you! 
Not only was she in the photo, she was also tagged and named for all parents to know who she is. That’s not fair. 
What are you going to do about this? 

I am so ropable I think I might even pull her out of the service. 
I expect you to respond today. 

The email was received at 7:00 a.m.; however, you are only just reading it now at 10:00 a.m. 
This family has been at the service for three years and have not previously complained about anything prior to this. 
You will need to make some notes before responding via phone and arranging a face-to-face meeting with the mother.

Question 2.1
Identify the concerns and list the key issues you will need to address with the parent. 

Question 2.2
Outline the process you plan to take to respond to and resolve the complaint. 

Question 2.3
Describe the steps you would take to investigate the complaint. 

Question 2.4
Analyse the service policies and procedures in relation to privacy/confidentiality and grievances and how they relate to this complaint. 

Question 2.5
Summarise the process according to the grievance/complaint’s procedure of the service in your own words. 

Question 2.6
Write a staff memo (two paragraphs in length) summarising the privacy/confidentiality policy with reminders and expectations for abiding by this policy. 

Question 2.7
Complete the Complaints Notification form to the Regulatory Authority below, answering all parts (also provided as a Word document to be completed electronically if preferred). 

Question 2.8

Detail your written response to the parent. In the email response, you must include the following: 

  • Explain what she can and cannot expect from the process.
  • Apologise and explain to her how you are handling the process.
  • Confirm the meeting time and date.
  • Notify her that a report has been made to the Regulatory Authority.
  • Thank her.

Question 2.9

Identify and outline at least one opportunity for improvement arising from the complaint. Complete the Quality Improvement Plan Template below with your key improvements. Ensure you complete all areas of the template (also provided as a Word document to be completed electronically if preferred). 

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