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Question 1: 

Explain what the following terms mean. For each one, give an example to show what it might look like in the workplace. 

a. Cultural awareness 

b. Cultural safety 

c. Cultural competence 

Question 2: 

Why should workers be encouraged to reflect on their own social and cultural perspectives/biases on a regular basis.

Question 3: 

Describe any four things you can do to help develop your self- and social-awareness skills in your workplace

Question 4:

All members of the workforce need to commit to developing workplace and professional relationships that support diversity and inclusive practice.

a. Describe what an inclusive workplace means and what it might look like.

b. List three things you can personally do, to help create a culture where everyone appreciates and respects diversity in the workplace.

Question 5:

A. What diversity work practices can organisations use to help make environments physically and psychologically safe for all? Give three examples. 

Question 6: 

There are many legal and ethical considerations to note when working with diversity.

a. What is discrimination? Provide four examples in your answer. (20 to 50 words).

b. Describe some of the work practices organisations could use to help eliminate discrimination and bias from the workplace. (20 to 50 words).

Question 7: 

Communication is a vital part of being able to establish, develop and maintain effective relationships, and develop mutual trust and confidence with people from diverse backgrounds and situations.

a. Describe the difference between verbal and non-verbal communication, providing examples.Use your answers to list some simple ways you could show respect for diversity in the way you communicate.

Question 8:

A language barrier is one reason that communication could fail or be misinterpreted in some way.

a. Give two other instances where communication difficulties or misunderstandings could occur in your work role. (20 to 50 words).

b. List three tips you could give to a colleague experiencing cross-cultural communication issues. (20 to 50 words).

c. You are working with a CALD (culturally and linguistically diverse) client who has very limited spoken English. Other than using an interpreter, suggest another way you could address this issue. (20 to 50 words).

d. What are the benefits of using a professional interpreter in situations like this where there is a clear communication issue? (20 to 50 words).

e. Explain how organisations who use clear signage and other visual aids around the workplace, may respond better to diversity. (20 to 50 words).

Question 9: 

Trying to resolve any kind of diversity related issue can be an extremely challenging process.

a. List some examples of diversity considerations to take into account when attempting to sensitively resolve conflict in the workplace. (20 to 50 words).

b. What might a mediator like a manager, focus on when trying to resolve cross-cultural conflict between two individuals? (20 to 50 words).

c. What longer-term support could be sourced in the event a conflict was ongoing or escalated? 

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