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Siphiwe went home for a long weekend. You would think that he would come back rested and happy, having eaten his mother’s amazing food all day long instead of his usual takeaways, in one of the most beautiful places in the country too. You would be wrong.

In class, he frequently stared out the window with an intense frown on his face. And between classes, he didn’t say much and didn’t eat like his usual ravenous self either. So when somebody jokingly told him that you can’t live on water alone, his answer was serious. “No … no, you cannot.”

After a lot of prodding, he finally told you what had happened. His father had sat him down and explained that he would no longer be receiving any money from the family once he graduates— no car repayments, no entertainment allowance, no rent … Nothing. Siphiwe had never thought about what would happen after graduation. He was so focussed on his studies that it had never occurred to him that he might have to fend for himself in less than two years.

Siphiwe was worried that he might not be able to maintain his lifestyle if he had to pay for everything himself. What would he have to sacrifice to make ends meet? He didn’t even have a girlfriend yet, and if he couldn’t go out anymore, how would he ever find her? And even worse, if he did find her, how would he keep her without any money to spend on her? The myriad questions were spinning around in his head with no end in sight.

You pointed out to him that he needed some hard data. Without data, he couldn’t know if he even had financial trouble looming, let alone what he could do to improve his situation if he did. In this Portfolio of Evidence, you will be creating an application that can be used for personal budget planning. That should help Siphiwe understand his potential problems much better.

Part 1 — Object-Oriented Programming.

Learning Units:

Using C# and Visual Studio, design and implement a standalone command-line application that fulfils the following requirements:

1. The user shall be able to enter the following values:

a. Gross monthly income (before deductions).

b. Estimated monthly tax deducted.

c. Estimated monthly expenditures in each of the following categories:

i. Groceries

ii. Water and lights

iii. Travel costs

iv. Cell phone and telephone

v. Other expenses

2. The user shall be able to choose between renting accommodation or buying a property.

3. If the user selects to rent, the user shall be able to enter the monthly rental amount.

4. If the user selects to buy a property, the user shall be required to enter the following values for a home loan:

a. Purchase price of the property
b. Total deposit
c. Interest rate 
d. Number of months to repay 

5. The software shall calculate the monthly home loan repayment for buying a property based on the values that the user entered

6. If the monthly home loan repayment is more than a third of the user’s gross monthly income, the software shall alert the user that approval of the home loan is unlikely.

7. The software shall calculate the available monthly money after all the specified deductions have been made.

8. The software shall not persist the user data between runs. The data shall only be stored in memory while the software is running.

Non-functional requirements:

1. You are required to use internationally acceptable coding standards. Include comprehensive comments explaining variable names, methods, and the logic of programming code.

2. You are required to use classes and inheritance. Create an abstract class Expense, from which HomeLoan, etc., can be derived.

3. Store the expenses in an array.

Submit the following items for this part:

1. Source code.

2. A readme file with instructions for how to compile and run the software.

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