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The issue of changing the date of Australia Day has become quite prominent, without any resolution as to whether it should be changed. Some view this date as ‘invasion day’ and refuse to celebrate, whilst others celebrate the 26th of January as a day to commemorate the reflection on Australian history.

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This summary will explore the historical significance of Australia day, and how it should be used to reflect on the past. By doing so, it will discuss the reasons why the date of 26th January as Australia day should not be changed. It will highlight how the date should remain because it gives all Australians a chance to reflect on the history, and how it does not have the same meaning as it did many years ago. It would be more beneficial to directly help Aboriginal communities, by investing more money and providing better healthcare and creating a better education system.


Australia Day is the celebration of the first European settlement that took place in Australia.In the 26th of January, 1788 Arthur Phillip came to Sydney Cove with a ship of convicts, which is known as the first fleet. Australia Day was first called Foundation Day in the early 1800s and was celebrated by businessmen and politicians. During the 50th celebration of this significant day in 1838, the celebration became public.

The day the first fleet arrived had a significance impact as it started the policies and practices of Aborigional genocide and torture. This included erasing their culture and language, whilst also removing their children and the rights to their land. Although the results of that day have filtered through generations, which has caused immense changes in health and financial situation for Torres Strait Islanders and Aborigional communities. These include increased rates of incarceration and kids in out of home care systems.


Primarily, Australia day does not hold the same historical significance as it used to because the settlement happened more than 200 years ago (Bate 2022). Although a lot of horrible events occurred because of this day, it happened hundreds of years ago when none of the people currently living in Australia had any involvement in the invasion of this continent (Jepsen 2022). There are many other significant problems in this country today such as the blatant disregard of Indigenous privacy and rights in the Northern territory which has been going on for years at this point, the Howard government imposed that (Oxfam Australia 2022).

This date allows all Australians to reflect on the sufferings that indigenous people have experienced. It is a signal of that understanding, of a willingness to move forward together as a unified country by acknowledging the sufferings of Indigenous Australians (The Guardian 2022). Additionally, “More investment is needed to close the health and education gap experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples (National Indigenous Australians Agency 2022). The day is not only about telling the positives, but also the negative impacts that date has caused for many. It is about celebrating accomplishments that have been made so far and how we can continue down that path to raise awareness (Dillion 2022).

Although some may say that this day brings up negative memories for the Aboriginal community, it is highlighted that the day should not be about being ignorant of this fact instead we acknowledge that the past cannot be changed, however, we can do things to ensure that we accept the consequences of that day had on Indigenous Australians (Bolger 2022). Keeping the 26th of January as Australia Day should be a day of remembrance much like ANZAC day and be

used for mourning the loss of Indigenous lives and those whose lives were greatly affected by it (Morgan 2022). It is also important to celebrate the lives this country has saved from those fleeing war-torn countries to find safety on this beautiful land, and those who have come from countries stricken with poverty (Encyclopaedia Britannica 2022).

The cost associated would also be a lot. “The government paid 20 million dollars to obtain the copyrights of the Aboriginal flag” (Butler 2022), which was a necessary step to be taken, but also highlights the fact that changing the date would cost millions which could be used for the betterment of the Aboriginal community, such as indigenous health and education, whilst reducing incarceration rates.

We talked about health issues in the Aboriginal community including the health gap as a 2018 report by the Australian Medical Association found that Aboriginal health reflected the lack of commitment to equitable needs-based funding; gaps in primary health care coverage, and the failure to address health and housing. It is also vital to maintain the health of elderly Indigenous Australians as they play an important role in preserving Indigenous culture and telling stories about their history and their significance (NeuRA 2022).

Incarceration rates were also brought up as “12,456 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in prisons across Australia on average from July 2019 to June 2020, up from 11,989 the previous year” (Vistonay 2022). “Although Aboriginals make up about 2% of the national population, they make up about 27% of the national prison population” (ALRS report 133, 2018). Aboriginal over-representation in Australian prisons is a persistent problem and “incarceration rates for Torres Strait Islanders have increased by 41% over the last decade and a half” (ALRS report 133, 2018). These statistics can try to be improved by providing education to Aboriginal communities

as they go into the justice system at a very young age, and once they get into the justice system it is difficult to get out of that cycle, hence we need money to improve the education system for Indigenous Australians.

It is more valuable to put money into educating the broader Australian public on indigenous issues and put it in the school curriculum. Not necessarily putting millions of dollars into a token gesture that we do not achieve much positive change for Indigenous Australians as the memory and actual events of that date cannot be changed (Jepsen 2022).


We should move past the counter-productive thinking and do what is best for all, which includes celebrating a day that has a different significance now than it did many years ago and working on making daily life better for the first people of Australia.

If the date stays the same, it allows the Australian population to acknowledge and reflect on the immense pain and suffering that Australia Day holds for Indigenous Australians. Our ideas supported the fact that we should keep the date of Australia Day because it allows our nation to reflect and acknowledge past historical events that took place on that day, whilst being respectful to our Indigenous community.

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