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Part A: Case study – Zoom:

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Read the case study, which you can find in the assessment area and on the study planner in Week 23, and answer the following questions:

1. Using concepts and theories from Block 1, explain why Zoom places high importance on innovation. You should consider how the various business functions within Zoom integrate to facilitate innovation.

2. Using appropriate concepts and theories from Block 2, identify and discuss the main threats and main opportunities that should be considered by Zoom as it is pushed to undertake rapid expansion, Your answer should seek to Integrate evidence from the different business functions. 

3. Applying concepts from Block 3, explain how Zoom seeks to nurture long-term value creation.

All three questions in Part A ask you to explore the integrative nature of B207. Much of the work that you undertook in the Session 1 of the Module conclusion, “Thinking holistically about business opportunities’, was designed to prepare you for tackling this part of the EMA. The session discussed approaches to working with, and analysing, case studies. You also explored integrative thinking and had the opportunity to practice working with a variety of case studies. The aim of this was to further develop your abilities to apply concepts and theories from throughout the module to real world scenarios.

The questions ask you to closely analyse the Zoom case study. By this stage of your studies you will have a lot of experience working with case studies, but it is worth repeating the basic steps:

1. Read the case study through fairly quickly to get a feel for the sort of situation involved.

2. Make sure you understand what you are required to do (in this case, by reading the EMA questions). Go through the case study materials again looking for potentially Important points and check that you are clear about what Is required of you — if you are really unsure, check with your tutor.

3. Then re-read the case study again, this time very carefully, Make brief notes (andfor sketch a few diagrams) about the key issues that seem to be relevant to the questions. Identify anything that may be relevant.

4. Start organising your observations, for example. by identifying any underlying issues or events.

5. Use concepts and theories from the module to help you expand on and support your diagnosis.

6. Remind yourself again of the questions you have been asked to address and organise your ideas appropriately.

7. Remember you are working to a word limit. so concentrate on what is clearly relevant. Support your argument with evidence from the case study, stating any assumptions you have made.

Part B: Presentation

Drawing on your work with the Zoom case study, create a presentation to:

1. Analyse the power and level of interest of the relevant stakeholders in Zoom. You should use stakeholder analysis that you encountered In Block 3, session 2.
2. Analyse the future of the work environment, in particular what opportunities this presents for Zoom over the next 5 years.

Part B:

You were introduced to presentation skills in Session 2 of the Module conclusion. In particular. Section 2.5, which covered presenting ideas using slides. This section offered step-by-step instructions on creating slides, from selecting and condensing relevant information, right through to formatting your slides using presentation software, such as PowerPoint. It is worth revisiting Session 2 to remind yourself of this advice. You have a limited number of slides to produce so think carefully about what you consider to be the most important information you want to convey.

Part C:

In Session 2 of the Module conclusion you were introduced to reflection as a key skill. Part C encourages you to use reflective techniques to look back at how your use of mind mapping has developed. You were introduced to a range of key skills in week I of the module. Mind mapping was introduced as a technique to support your learning. The benefits of mind mapping include:

  • Summarising information so that you make associations easily
  • Consolidating information from different research sources
  • Thinking through complex problems
  • Presenting information in a format that shows the overall structure of your subject. A suitable approach to tackling this task might be to:
  • Think about the ways you have developed mind mapping as a particular skill.

Part C: Skills reflection:

You were introduced to mind mapping in Block 1 Session 2, and at various stages throughout B207 you have been encouraged to make use of it as a technique to support your learning. Building on your work with mind mapping, reflect on how your approach to mind mapping has changed as you have progressed through the module.

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