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Do you throw your old gear into the nearest closet and hope it goes away? Do you sell your gently used belongings in a yard sale or donate them to charity? Or do you dismantle your possessions and construct different objects?

As you are probably aware, the concentration of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is increasing. Our atmosphere now contains an average of 385 parts per million (ppm) of carbon dioxide. This is higher than at any time over the past 400 000 years. Most scientists agree that carbon dioxide is having significant effects on our climate. Furthermore, our activities continue to emit approximately 2.7 x 1010 t of carbon dioxide each year. As a result, the polar ice caps are melting and ecosystems are going through tremendous change. Scientists are warning that we need to both cut the emission of carbon dioxide and remove some of the carbon dioxide from our atmosphere. But how can we do this?

Just as you have to make difficult decisions about what to do with your unwanted stuff, we, as a society, have to decide what to do with the excess carbon dioxide in our environment. There are a number of options available .

First, we must consider how to capture the carbon dioxide before it is released into the atmosphere. Carbon capture and storage (CCS) will likely become a boom industry in the years to come. This strategy involves capturing the carbon dioxide at the source of emission. The captured material is then isolated, or sequestered, underground. Scientists and engineers are working on technologies such as specially designed sponges that soak up carbon dioxide from smokestacks and tailpipes. These sponge-like materials have pores that trap carbon dioxide molecules. They can remove up to 83 times their own volume of carbon dioxide. Once these sponges are filled, they can be emptied and used again.

Another solution to the problem of carbon dioxide is to find alternative uses for it. For example,commercial greenhouses routinely pump carbon dioxide over their young plants to accelerate their growth .

Strangely, many oil companies are eager to purchase carbon dioxide emissions from nearby factories. In a process known as enhanced oil recovery, water and compressed carbon dioxide are pumped into oil wells to extract oil that cannot otherwise be removed. Once all the oil is removed, the carbon dioxide remains stored underground.

How do we remove carbon dioxide once it has been released into the atmosphere? One alternative is to convert carbon dioxide into other carbon-based materials. The carbon cycle, which includes photosynthesis and respiration, continually moves carbon between the atmosphere, ocean, biosphere, and sediments. Mimicking some of these natural processes might help to decrease the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide. In Section 12.5, you may have performed an activity to capture carbon dioxide on a small scale.

Carbon dioxide removal may appear to be too expensive and technologically challenging. Theprocess of decreasing emissions or converting carbon may use too much energy and not be feasible—today. In addition, there are concerns about the viability of long-term carbon storage and the possible environmental impacts. However, the consumption and manipulation of carbon is fast becoming economically desirable. Governments and industries are coming to terms with theeconomic realities of this issue.In this task, you will choose a specific industry that emits carbon dioxide. For this industry, you will decide on the best plan to either capture waste carbon dioxide before it is emitted, or capture it in the atmosphere. 

You will prepare your plan in an original format. Finally, you will share the plan with your class and send the plan to the actual facility or industry.

The Issue:

1. What should we do with the carbon dioxide in our emissions and/or in the atmosphere?


1. In this Task you will develop, communicate, and present a plan for how to deal with carbon dioxide in industrial emissions and/or with the accumulation of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.


In pairs or small groups, conduct research on an industry that has significant carbon dioxide emissions. Some examples of industries are fossil fuel extraction, trucking, automobile assembly, oil refining, and chemical manufacturing. Get your teacher’s approval on your chosen industry before you begin.

Research technological methods to deal with carbon dioxide emissions and/or carbon dioxide released in the atmosphere. The technologies could be already in operation or still in the planning stages. Technologies could include.

  • Carbon capture and storage technologies (CCS) • alternative uses for carbon dioxide.
  • The reaction of carbon dioxide to produce other carbon-based materials As you research, consider the practicality and the economic cost of the proposed technologies as well as the long-term implications to human health and environmental sustainability. Also, consider how the gas laws and other concepts introduced in this unit relate to carbon removal.


  • Develop a strategy for decreasing carbon dioxide emissions at the source or for decreasing the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
  • Your strategy, based on your research, should include an overview of recent emissions information and how your chosen industry has contributed to these emissions compare at least two technologies for dealing with carbon dioxide.
  • Evaluate the technologies and select the one that you think is best, giving your reasons make connections with the properties and behaviours of gases that you learned about in this unit (such as gases under pressure, gas stoichiometry).
  • Discuss the economic implications of imposing your plan on the industry.
  • Discuss the environment costs and ethical issues surrounding your selected strategy. 

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