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Question 1.

Hubert is a solicitor in an old, established and respected law firm. Cyril is a longstanding client and friend, who has long entrusted some of his most delicate family matters to Hubert.

In the course of advising Cyril as to how best invest his large amounts of money, Hubert suggests that, given five years, a particular piece of property will probably be worth much more than it is now. Coincidentally, the property belongs to Hubert’s wife Marion.

Cyril enters into a contract to purchase the property, but before taking possession discovers that it is flood-prone and salt-affected, and that it is highly likely that he will make a loss on resale. Cyril desperately wants to get out of the contract.


Advise Cyril if he can avoid the contract? If yes, explain the principles of Contract Law he should rely on. Refer to at least one case in support of your answer.

Question 2.

The exit from Opal Ltd’s loading dock is via a poorly lit alley between two buildings. The alley crosses a footpath before emerging into the main street. Drivers and passing pedestrians have difficulty seeing one another and Opal Ltd has, therefore, put a large sign near the end of the alley reading, ‘Drivers must sound horn’. It also considered placing convex mirrors on the side walls of the buildings at the end of the alley so that drivers could check for approaching pedestrians but discarded the idea because it would have been very expensive and because ‘no-one else does it anyway’. Phil, who had just made a delivery to Opal Ltd, drove out of the alley sounding his horn as he did so. Unfortunately, Quinlin, a profoundly deaf pedestrian who was approaching the entrance to the alley at the time, did not hear the horn and, as Phil emerged from the alley, his truck struck Quinlin and injured him badly.


Are either Opal Ltd or Phil liable to Quinlin in negligence? Analyse each elements of the tort of negligence with reference to relevant case laws in support of your answer.

Assessment criteria:

The assignment will be assessed on the extent to which the student has:

  • Conducted independent research relevant to the topic, including the use of secondary legal sources including, several legal texts.
  • Authoritative materials from internet sites and academic (peer reviewed) journal articles and books.
  • Answered the set question(s) through identification and discussion of relevant legal issues.
  • Demonstrated an understanding of the topic, presented different points of view (if applicable), presented well-constructed arguments and
  • Demonstrated critical thinking.
  • Provided proper citations for legal sources in footnotes and a bibliography or reference list.
  • Used clear expression.

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